Okay, I had been waiting for Secret of My Excess for a while, and it was totally worth it. I loved all the old movie references in it, I thought it was hilarious, and it was so sweet. So, I'm guessing there's another way for a dragon to get older, and that would be hoarding stuff...

I'm pretty sure the reason Spike looked different as an adult in this episode than in the Cutie Mark Cronicles is probably because Twilight didn't turn Spike into an adult, she just made him get bigger.

Rarity was so understanding in this episode, but it doesn't neccessarily mean she likes him back. I'm going to have to go with the person on youtube who posted this:

(Spike and Rarity falling)

Fantastic job for THAT scene.

Watching it again, I feel that Rarity doesn't want to break his heart and destroy his boyhood crush. She sees it as "sweet" and doesn't want it to go away b/c it's what reminded him of his former self.

(Spike sad on the bridge)
She knows that Spike feels tremendously guilty for destroying the town so she encourages him by saying he saved the town's further destruction from himself. She makes her FRIEND feel better.

Spike my boy, welcome to the Friend Zone.

I loved this episode so much. <3