So, what do you think is the worst gen of My Little Pony? G1, G2, G3, or G3.5? [Lol I almost put G4 by mistake... *facepalm*]

I think G1 was pretty decent for its time. It stuck to the demographics, and it probably wouldn't be something I normally watched, but it was somewhat decent. Yeah, it didn't really have anything to do with ponies, and it was really cheesy... but it's better than some of the other gens when you think about it.

G2 didn't have a show... I think it had a game, though.

G3... ugh. It was extremely girly and frilly. The girls were crybabies. I disliked it. I know that some of the G4 ponies came from G3:

Rainbow Dash, the pony who loved to dress up and say "darling" with everything.

Rarity, a young princess who loved adventure and playing in the dirt.

Pinkie Pie, a girly girl who loved parties and had a ridiculous voice.

Scootaloo, a pony that loved to play games.

Cheerilee, a pony that loved to read and tell stories.

Sweetie Belle, a pony that used magic to bake things.

Spike, a genious dragon with really good manners (someone combined Twilight and Rarity and put them into Spike! O_o)

D: Poor characters... at least they were fixed.

Then there was Newborn Cuties. Oh my gosh, this was freaking horrible. I literally threw up a little when I watched when Pinkie Pie meet Scootaloo for the first time, and the flash animation was extremely poor. Who made that?!