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  • KillRoy231

    I have several fears for the show and would like to talk about them with someone who accepts and understands me.

    Of course, if I said them here I'd be accused for attention-seeking and spam. If anyone is willing to hear me out and give me reassurance if they think my fears are unfounded, then can you tell me the name of your deviantart or fimfiction account? And if you don't have either, I can just say it on your talkpage, which, as a message intended for that person, doesn't constitute spam if I say it only once on that page.

    I know I had a few people to talk to on but most of them disappeared without a trace last month.

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  • KillRoy231

    Villain inspirations

    October 9, 2017 by KillRoy231

    I thought it might be fun to make a list of who each of the villains were inspired by. Excluding Equestria Girls, they don't seem particularly based off anyone else

    Nightmare Moon - Maleficent, with elements of the Evil Queen

    Discord - Q

    Queen Chrysalis - Ursula and Maleficent, with elements of Voldemort and Lamia

    King Sombra - Sauron

    Lord Tirek - Tirek from G1, with elements of Arabus and Lavan

    Starlight Glimmer - Can't think of anyone in particular offhand, probably just a mix of Sunset Shimmer, communists/dictators, and time travelers

    Pony of Shadows - Venom

    The Storm King - Emperor Palpatine

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  • KillRoy231

    Tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of the day I started watching MLP.

    Of course, as I don't feel that spark anymore, I'm not sure I want to celebrate it like I celebrated Scott McNeil's birthday two days ago. I've been having trouble rewatching my favorite episodes. Except Feeling Pinkie Keen, it reminded me of good times of Seasons 1-2.

    Maybe the movie will reignite it but that's 18 days after (almost 17 coz I will see the midnight show)

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  • KillRoy231

    I'm sure you all know what they are, and if you're a newbie, and knowing it might help you give an answer, I'll tell you in a reply comment.

    There are a few people who I can talk to that accept my unusual interests and will listen to what I have to say about it, and I really appreciate them, more than I can describe. But I would like someone to talk to about them who finds them just as interesting as I do.

    I have found two with the interest I kinda share with Applejack, though one of them isn't talking to me anymore.

    But I haven't found anyone with a particular interest in the other one, except for one who finds some of my favorite types to be dull, and doesn't talk much in any event.

    So, is there a way of finding someone else with these inter…

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  • KillRoy231

    I stopped watching past Triple Threat for reasons I'm sure I've said before.

    Of course, the second half of Season 7 will probably join its first half on Netflix before Season 8 comes out, but I'm not sure if what I read about any of the new episodes, both released and upcoming, sound that appealing.

    But... I'm sure you all know the recent Season 8 announcement. And if it ends one of two ways I'm sure you all know (hint: Sombra or Discord?), I'd have to watch Season 7 to go by this official end of the arc over my headcanon.

    However, and I can't believe I'm saying this... I actually WANT her to fly away again, because I'm not sure I want to watch the rest of Season 7.

    Aside from the synopsis of the episodes sounding not that interesting...


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