I'd just like to say something quickly

I know I've been making a lot of comments lately, and some of them have been a little bitter or negative, though every comment I've made since TWABA came on has stayed, and I appreciate your patience

The reason for some of these comments is because, we have to wait five months for Season 7, and we don't know when in the season Chrysalis will return (or if it'll be the movie), by my calculcation the season will end in October 2017, and when she does, we don't know how that episode will end (will she continue to run away every time?), and furthermore, I'm afraid they might do the one thing I'd been dreading most, more than the Chrysalis survival, and take away one of the two biggest things they did for me (other being Rarity biting Fluttershy's tail, which they even played with by suggesting she has tail extensions, but her prehensile tail says otherwise).

So I'll try to not be too excessive with my comments, but I'm still very nervous about Season 7 and feeling negative that Chrysalis will continue to get away with everything, and I appreciate your understanding if you do

Edit: I think the Sombra thing is unfounded because, according to Screwball - who was right about Chrysalis when he no longer had connections to the show's creators - the comics had him return and undergo such a drastic change (which were the last comics I read before the comic store near me closed down) because it's 100% clear he's not coming back in the show, because as far as the show's concerned, he's dead and therefore the comics can do whatever they want with him without having to worry about being contradicted by the show. So, if he's right again, then I can at least keep that, just like the thing about Fluttershy's tail, no matter what others say about either. But the Chrysalis thing still stands.