I know it has nothing to do with MLP but there have been other blogs about it. Initially I said this was my number 5 biggest disappointment (that has nothing to do with villain survivals or tails) due to not having Krystal or Tails in it, but after my brother got me the game as an early Christmas present, I changed my mind because it has so many good things going for it that it more than cancels that out.

  • Koopalings are playable (which I was already aware of)
  • 8-player mode
  • Master Balls that only contain legendary Pokemon
  • Cool items like Galaga, Cucco, Raccoon Leaf, etc.
  • Fawful's battle theme in Bowser's Inside Story plays exactly in the Super Mario Galaxy level
  • And more

So, who is your favorite character to play as? What do you like to do the most? Me and Screwball unlocked all the characters (just kept jumping off Final Destination with 1 life to get 100 matches), I think the unlockables get easier each time you fight them.

Anyway my favorite characters to play as are Iggy Koopa, Charizard, Zero Suit Samus, Little Mac (with Wire Frame appearance), and Pac Man. Two things I'd like to take note of here: 1.) One of Zero Suit Samus's costumes, combined with her blonde hair, reminds me of Stella from Winx Club. 2.) I unlocked Mr. Game & Watch by tail whipping him off the stage as Charizard!

I beat all 7 Koopalings at once on 8-player mode. And 7 Duck Hunts. (Used Gust Bellows when we were on Bridge of Eldin, that made quick work of them)

However, I can't stand Fox's voice in this game. I hope that voice doesn't carry over to Star Fox for Wii U.