King Sombra is dead. He got less screentime than GAK and less lines than Sauron. Trixie and Discord are good. Twilight Sparkle is an alicorn. The long-rumored movie is confirmed as taking place in a parallel universe where the ponies are human.

"This is the end of the fandom!" "This is the end of the show!" "Hasbro is pure evil!" "They're trying to get rid of us!" "I'm leaving, now!"

The more I hear it I almost believe it myself, but I try to remember there are still others besides me who don't mind any of that, or if they do they don't let it ruin the show for them. There are still many others here who remain bronies and pegasisters even with all that.

Because does Hasbro really deserve hate for pandering to the fanbase and inadvertently doing it in a way the fans, and, in some cases, Lauren Faust, disliked, because it was the only thing they had to go on after she left and they just aren't as good at it as her? It's like Magical Mystery Cure, say controlling the weather is making episodes of MLP, Hasbro is Rarity, and Lauren Faust is Rainbow Dash. Except Hasbro still did a decent job on some episodes, just not in a way most people liked. And I'm not sure if she left because of anything they did, if you've seen John de Lancie's documentary she said she didn't want to leave, but had to.

Season 3 episodes I liked: The Crystal Empire, Too Many Pinkie Pies, Magic Duel, Sleepless in Ponyville (Luna!), Wonderbolts Academy, Keep Calm and Flutter On, and Magical Mystery Cure. One Bad Apple and Spike at your Service weren't too bad either, maybe Games Ponies Play but I'd have to see it a second time to be sure. Only episodes that didn't interest me much were Apple Family Reunion and Just for Sidekicks.

But anyway, anypony who's still brony or pegasister after Sombra's lack of screentime and death, Trixie and Discord's redemption, Twilight's alicornization, and Equestria Girls' announcement, plz comment. (and there are quite a few names I expect to see, but I kinda need reassurance that this is not the end of the fandom, and that Screwball and I aren't the only ones left) And if there's anything you like about Season 3, or any hope you have for Equestria Girls, it would be interesting to hear.