They made Twilight an alicorn and made a movie about human ponies for money. This is the end of the fandom! Hasbro's trying to get rid of us!

Hmm, Equestria Girls wasn't bad. Well, not as good as Pulp Fiction, Avatar, or The Avengers, but not bad. Or I really like Equestria Girls. Derpy cameo FTW!

Twilight is the same Twilight we know, you almost forget she's an alicorn when she's not flying.

They're still doing references specifically intended for us. I really liked this episode!

So all your fears of Season 4 are unfounded. The question is, how many left before then? If not because of Alicorn Twilight or EG, how many "starved to death" because they didn't "feed the hungry fans" for almost a year? Lost interest, the flame has blown out or weakened. (Ironic I should use that word because Flame is one of the ones who said he lost a bit of interest, but atleast he's still here)

How many of you are still here? How many of you still like the series as much, and how many lost a bit of interest in it but are still either in the fandom or on here or both? I'd very much appreciate anypony and everypony here to answer just so I can know the status of the fandom who they're trying hard to outdo themselves for this season (and are looking well on the way to it, first four episodes were awesome and eighth might be a long-awaited Rarity episode, all we need is another epic villain episode complete with spectacular death scene and we might even get that with The Mane-iac, also minus the "spectacular death scene" bit we've got Daring Don't with all its Indiana Jones references.)

If anypony knows any names who haven't been seen or explicitly stated they left the fandom before doing so, I'd like to hear them. And I'll have no hard feelings towards anypony who's losing interest, that's their opinion and it's not like they're becoming anti-brony or something