So we got by the Alicorn Twilight and Equestria Girls thing. EG didn't turn out nearly as bad as predicted and now that Season 4 has finally come, Twilight's the same pony we knew, just with wings you don't even notice half the time, and that's when she's even in an episode so the whole series won't center around her as initially feared. And some of us (not including PowerStar and FlameStar, but atleast they're still here) retain interest in the series even after having to wait almost a whole year for Season 4.

Now, here's the question for anypony who still has interest in the series: How do you feel about Season 4? Did it live up to your expectations? Was it all right? Or was it disappointing? Here's my review:

Princess Twilight Sparkle - Loved the Nightmare Moon and Discord flashbacks. Also it's cool to see Discord as the "not-always-reliable ally". And facehuggers in MLP, one of which is even killed by Twilight. Or, rather all of them, once she returns the Elements to the tree. Which brings me to what I didn't like: The villain wasn't quite as interesting as the previous five, didn't even have any character, and few even consider those vines to be a "villain" at all. Also while it was a nice twist to have Discord create them in the past, the way that was executed, somehow the tree's magic weakened after holding them at bay for over a thousand years, any explanation as to why the tree's energy weakened? Atleast they destroyed this villain... my personal least favorite aside from Sunset Shimmer who was quite redeemable

Castle Mane-ia - Good horror vibe to it without being too "dark". It was a pretty enjoyable episode, and I somehow saw it coming that the "Pony of Shadows" would be Pinkie Pie, seeing as how she was the only Mane 6 not to be shown in the castle throughout the episode, why else would they have her run off to something completely irrelevant? Was kinda funny when Fluttershy thought Angel was killed. Oh, another note, this episode could retcon the Return of Queen Chrysalis comics for Fluttershy's apparent fear of spiders in this episode when she loves spiders in the comic. (Edit: Nope, she thinks spiders are sweet and is good friends with one)

Daring Don't - Now this is probably the "Magical Mystery Cure" of Season 4. That being said, like Magical Mystery Cure it is pretty high on my list of favorite episodes of the season. Cool twist to have Daring Do as a real pony and have her team up with Rainbow Dash. I can imagine peaple will ship them soon. Also, Michael Dobson in his first ever MLP voice, Dr. Caballeron, who incidentally has a skull for a cutie mark (peaple suspected this of King Sombra but said it would be too dark for the show, as if anything he did isn't darker than the appearance of a skull). I kinda didn't like that Ahuizotl got off without an official defeat (by "official" I mean death, imprisonment, or redemption), but hey, that opens the door for more Daring Do adventures. Maybe one where Daring Do asks Rainbow Dash to team up with her this time... Speaking of Rainbow Dash, I thought her being a "fangirl" in this episode was kinda cute, even if others disagree that she's out of character, it's hardly the first time (Sonic Rainboom, with the Wonderbolts). Oh, and wasn't this an episode with a Wilhelm Scream/s?

Flight to the Finish - While this episode wasn't quite as interesting as the others, it wasn't boring either. It was all right. Kinda tricked us making us think Scootaloo was going to get her cutie mark. Leading up to Equestria Games, which will probably coincide with the mystery box of PTS in the season finale... First song of the series too. And more proof that Rainbow Dash will not be mean to Scootaloo. This season's being really good to her.

Power Ponies - Another cool episode. They reference Marvel and DC comics with the Power Ponies and Mane-iac. The fight scenes were pretty cool, and the Mane-iac was a much better villain than those black vines, I'd even put her above Demon Sunset Shimmer. And another Fluttershy transformation. You wouldn't like her when she's angry. No... You're going to love her! I was kinda hoping for another villain death, but hey, imprisoned by her own weapon/s is just as good, and in any event this "comic world" might have just been a simulation. Why did it disappear, though?...

Edit: And I think The Mane-iac should have been the villain for Season 4, had her damage the Tree of Harmony or be behind the Plunderseeds, and destroyed the same way as/along with the Plunderseeds. So what if she was inspired by comic book villains? Maleficent and Chrysalis were inspired by Disney villains, Discord was inspired by a Star Trek villain, and Sombra was inspired by a Lord of the Rings villain so she didn't have to appear in a comic book universe, they could've made her a real villain without her seeming too out of place.

Bats! - I wasn't in a big rush to see the episode, I watched it a few days after it aired. I thought it'd be like another Parasprite episode, except with Fluttershy defending the bats. I was not expecting Fluttershy to turn into a vampire. Which was pretty cool. The song was probably my third favorite next to the Gala and This Day Aria. I also loved the Batman references, like the Pony Signals. Pinkie Pie's prehensile mane WTB, I thought only Nightmare Moon and the Mane-iac had those, but she is Pinkie Pie. Speaking of which, Fluttershy's tail is prehensile, thus debunking the Gabby Gums rumor that she has tail extensions. Best thing about the episode? Batman references and a song inspired by Tim Burton, in the same episode! When you say Batman and Tim Burton in the same sentence... my favorite Batman series is not forgotten!

Rarity Takes Manehattan - A long-awaited Rarity episode, and a good one too. Many complained her episodes portray her as more selfish than generous, even if she usually redeems herself in the end, but this episode focuses much on her generosity. I thought based on the summary saying "her anger and ambition are damaging her friendships" that she'd leave the Mane 6. Forever, so the writers no longer have this "background pony" to write about? Or a surprise Falco-style return during a Chrysalis battle at the Equestria Games before they destroy her with Rainbow Power? Anyway, it was not to be, she gets back together with them in the end and gets what is widely speculated to be her key to the mysterious box. This episode basically killed any negative premonitions I get about Rarity. Oh, and Hoity Toity, Sapphire Shores, and Photo Finish in the same scene, that's like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis in the same scene. (well, maybe not quite)

Pinkie Apple Pie - Another all right episode. The whole journey was kinda entertaining, although it was kinda disappointing that we never find out for sure if she's an Apple, but that was done to avoid disappointing anypony, we can have our own headcanon of it now, kinda like with Chrysalis if I've guessed right. (I'm leaning more towards "Corrupted Starswirl" or "no antagonist" for the end of Season 4 atm) since many here either want her to be related to them, or really don't want her to be. Big Macintosh's first real lines since his role reversal with Applejack in Ponyville Confidential. Also, we see more of Pinkie Pie's power which is second only to Discord, since she does that Jenga thing with the scrolls and takes a picture of her with the Apple Family with her tail, from a distance (auto-wine or portal?), yet the tip of her tail is stll in the picture... maybe Pinkie and Discord are related? lol

Rainbow Falls - Hard not to like a Rainbow Dash episode. Rainbow Dash's key episode, after repeating the thing with Rarity I think this is the point in which it's clear what the pattern is here. I am a bit confused as to how Bulk Biceps made the aerial team (instead of some team involving physical strength), at least Fluttershy could be explained by her being recognized for Hurricane Fluttershy (and she seemed more confident than you'd expect from her in this episode). Although I didn't expect Spitfire to pull tricks like that

Three's A Crowd - Discord episode, and he gets a song. Also Rarity indirectly references Chrysalis this episode, which is the first (and so far only) Chrysalis reference since her episodes. Cadance appears too. For the first time, Cadance and Discord not only appear, but interact. Again, disappointed by not destroying the graboid, but the graboid in itself was cool. First facehuggers and now graboids, again anyone who hasn't seen Alien or Tremors would not get the reference and it was still an epic battle. What Discord can do and what he says he can't do seems to conflict, but easily makes sense when we learn he was faking his illness all along.

Pinkie Pride - Musical episode and the songs were good, the song at the beginning reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. As strange as this sounds, I like to think of how Chrysalis and Sombra are dead during Pinkie's Lament, it hardly even seems like the same show as their episodes. Cheese Sandwich was cool with all his powers similar to Pinkie PIe, and the goof off was awesome. Pinkie's key episode, we all saw this from a mile away.

Simple Ways - The whole reversal thing with Applejack and Rarity was kinda interesting. One thing I noticed was that Spike did not seem jealous of Trenderhoof at all. What happened to "Spike has a crush on Rarity"? Is that diminishing in later seasons? It wouldn't be the first theme... My favorite part is when Rarity hides under Twilight's tail, not only because it was kind of an entertaining scene, but because I edited the Simple Ways page to include that part, and it kept that on there, thus for the very first time I make an edit to an article on this wiki that doesn't get reverted.

Filli Vanilli - Loved Fluttershy this episode. Also, return of Poison Joke, which hasn't been seen since Season 1. I noticed many criticized Pinkie for being insensitive to Fluttershy and Big Macintosh, and while I do think that seems to conflict with her refusing to pull her most harmless pranks on Fluttershy in Griffon the Brush Off, the only episode I disliked her was The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 for the whole Rainbow Dash thing. (I have my own headcanon on why she told so many ponies about her camp plan but it's too crazy for me to mention here)

Twilight Time - Probably one of the least interesting episodes of the season to me. The one thing I'll say is, between Sweetie Belle's voice change and her magic aura being green, I thought she was Chrysalis, even though Chrysalis is dead as essentially proven by a later episode

It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - I know the Breezies originated from G3, but so did Rainbow Dash and she's my favorite pony, aside from Luna. G4 reboot of them, and I think they turned out all right. And so what if the Mane 6 turned into Breezies just to sell more toys? Just enjoy the episode for what it is, not the reason for which things were done, and I think it was cool to see them turn into Breezies. Also, Fluttershy's key episode, many saw this coming. Justin Bieber was rumored for this episode, for a moment I thought he might be Seabreeze, but instead it's Brian Drummond, known for doing the voice of Vegeta

Somepony to Watch Over Me - At first was one of the less interesting episodes for me, Applejack's overprotectiveness getting kinda annoying, but that changed during the Flame Geyser Swamp scene, it had an unparallelled creepy vibe to it and that chimera was an interesting villain, and presumably the second villain death of the season since with its snake and tiger heads trapped in those trees it'll starve to death, even after Applejack gave the goat head cheese that one time. Also voiced by Ellen Kennedy, who did the previous awesome one-shot villain Mane-iac.

Maud Pie - An all right episode. Maud seems Emo. And she's so obsessed with rocks! Also, Pinkie Pie bites Rainbow Dash's tail for the first time. Applejack's cousin or not, she is an Apple to the core!

For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils - Finally, a Luna appearance in Season 4, she hasn't appeared since Princess Twilight Sparkle. This could have been Rarity's breakdown were it not for Luna giving Sweetie Belle the vision of it, and much more serious than even Twilight. I was hoping Luna would mention Nightmare Moon, but no, Nightmare Moon hasn't been mentioned since the episode she became a Knight of Cerebus. (wait, maybe she was mentioned as a legend in Castle Mane-ia?) Also, Sapphire Shores returns.

Leap of Faith - Applejack's key episode. Flim Flam brothers return, I thought she'd teach them honesty and they'd give her her key, but no, those two conmen (as of this episode) are beyond redemption, instead Silver Shill gives Applejack her key. Speaking of, Ian Corlett (Cheetor and Goku) appears for the first time.

Testing, Testing, 1 2 3 - One of my favorite episodes that doesn't have a villain. Not only is it a Rainbow Dash episode, but Rainbow Dash is so adorable in this episode, especially when she's doing that dance on the chair. Again, Nightmare Moon isn't mentioned, they say "Luna" got banished. They forget all the female Knights of Cerebus. But that was my only complaint and it's really nothing, the episode was awesome. Also Pinkie bites Rainbow Dash's tail again. Is she to be the next Applejack?

Trade Ya - An all right episode. Two things I noticed. One: The story seems to follow Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy more than the others. Two: They paired up the ponies who are least alike: Rainbow and Fluttershy, Applejack and Rarity, and Pinkie Pie and Twilight. Also we see more of how powerful Rarity and Applejack's friendship has become since Look Before You Sleep. I think their relationship is more than slightly better. And Pinkie Pie did put much emphasis on Twilight being a princess, something the fandom dreaded, but I think they felt safe doing that now that the rage for Alicorn Twilight has died down, what with 21 episodes of her as an alicorn and she hardly seems different than before.

Inspiration Manifestation - For the second time this season I thought Chrysalis would return, despite her being dead, but that she didn't this episode (as well as someone mentioning it in comments) essentially confirms it for me. This was due to Rarity seeming evil and her aura being green, but that was all the effect of the book. This episode was really nothing special, but was all right, pairs Rarity and Spike for the first time, and Rarity was adorable with the "nom nom nom". Also, since only Twilight, Cadance, and Luna restored everything, I KNOW people will pounce on this to say Celestia is useless.

Equestria Games - Probably my least favorite episode of the season. For all the buildup to it starting Season 3, less emphasis was put on it. It was in the Crystal Empire, and the CMC carried the flag, and Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Bulk Biceps were aerial relay team, but we saw less of that than revolving around Spike, it was a bit of a letdown for many that it didn't revolve around the games themselves. I did notice, however, that Spike said he saved the empire from being "destroyed". I thought Sombra was going to enslave the Crystal Empire again, now it turns out he was going to destroy it this time? I still say he's darkest villain. Oh, and Gilda has a small cameo which debunks any headcanons of her freezing in the stratosphere. (:()

Twilight's Kingdom - Despite Lord Tirek being my fifth favorite villain, and the disappointment they didn't kill him like Chrysalis, Sombra, and his G1 counterpart, I'd have to say this was my favorite episode of the series. First, all four princesses appear together and Luna sings for the first time. Second, Tirek, a reboot of the first ever G1 villain, the one who opened up My Little Pony's first generation as a dark villain and one of the few characters to die in a TV cartoon of the 80s. Third, Discord appears, and is fully redeemed when he gives Twilight her key, and Rainbow Dash finally accepts him. Fourth, the single most epic battle of the series, it was like Dragonball Z. Anyone tries to say MLP is a little kid show, show them this battle and that will shut them up. Fifth, Rainbow Power is finally revealed, and the keys, but we all saw this coming from a mile away ever since they spoiled it with that picture. But Rarity has two tails in Rainbow Power form, like Tails... or Azelf. Also I love being able to say they sent Tirek to hell (which is what Tartarus basically is, a nightmare realm), and they banished him and threw him in a dungeon in the place he was banished to. Also, two other guys on here have a headcanon of Cerberus eating Tirek as punishment for sending the princesses there, and I am willing to go with that. Oh, and it's awesome that the princesses make it through this safe and sound, as I feared they wouldn't. And Derpy appearances ftw, you know they do this for the fans.

Overall, all the episodes have been good so far. Were you as impressed with the episodes as I was, or do you hate them? Particularly Daring Don't and Castle Mane-ia? Will Screwball and I be the only ones in the fandom by the end of Season 4, or are there still others who will never leave?

(lol I only updated this blog when I found it during my search "Fluttershy prehensile tail")