There's been plenty of these for ponies, for villains, and for princesses, but as far as I know, never one for dragons. Why? Because, aside from Spike, all dragons are mean. Some present a hazard to entire lands and ignore any attempts at persuasion (until tamed by Fluttershy), some are cannibals, and some - most notably the now-recurring villain Garble - smash phoenix eggs for fun.

Contrast Spike, who is Twilight's assistant, saved Ponyville from himself as strange as that sounds, saved the Crystal Empire twice and destroyed King Sombra (and, going by the comics, Nightmare Moon). Some might count Steven Magnet but he's a sea serpent.

But now we have a dragon who isn't a psycho like all the other non-Spike dragons we've known (instead she's tsundere). The first female dragon seen in the show: Princess Ember. Who appears to lead the dragons to a new age of redemption and alliance with ponies, and also defeated Garble while saving Spike from ending up like... Arimaspi. Hopefully not a one-shot character. (When Zecora was first introduced, she appeared in the next episode, and so did Sassy Saddles)


Who is best dragon?

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Actually, I forgot there is another. In the comics only, and while the powers that be said they are an alternate universe, they are a canon one all the same, so...

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