This is a blog that kinda involves one of my two main interests that I'd sometimes get a hard time for because no one else has them, so I can understand if you don't want to read this, but I have to get this off my chest (and at least you won't hear me say "Chrysalis is dead" anymore unless they vaporize her Sombra style in TWABA, which I'll get to later), and I won't speak of this too much on article comments, trying to restrict it all to this blog

When A Canterlot Wedding first came out, it was new territory for MLP: FiM (though not for MLP itself, since there were plenty of epic battles and dark villains in G1, most notably with Tirek and Lavan who actually died). Queen Chrysalis was the first real Knight of Cerebus (dark villain in a lighter show), since Nightmare Moon was in a time the show couldn't get too extreme, and Discord was more mischievous and fun to have around. Chrysalis on the other hoof out flat tried to murder Twilight and Cadance, was more menacing than Nightmare Moon or Discord, the second verse of her song sent chills up my spine, and there was an epic battle with Celestia against her and the Mane 6 against the changelings, the first time there were any big combat sequences.

Ending with what could have been interpreted as a Disney Villain Death for a Disney quality villain, because Disney movies are known for being epic and appealing to older viewers while simultaneously suitable for the kids, and MLP showed it was on par with them there. (Even Sleeping Beauty, which was one of the dullest movies, had quite an epic battle with Maleficent ending with her getting stabbed to death) After which is a lighthearted song for mood whiplash once she is dead and gone - or so I thought.

From this, A Canterlot Wedding was my favorite episode until Twilight's Kingdom came along (next episode to exceed it would be The Cutie Remark), above even The Crystal Empire which was much less ambiguous with Sombra's fate (despite some people's insistence to the contrary), and Chrysalis was my favorite villain, again with Sombra as my second.

Because MLP was awesome before, but missing just one thing, until what I thought was A Canterlot Wedding, but was really The Crystal Empire, as far as we know.

Now, with news of To Where and Back Again, it's almost certain that Chrysalis is the villain here. The return of one of Equestria's greatest threats, one of the ponies' oldest and greatest foes. Who else could it be? Tirek? He's more recent. Everyone else is either dead or reformed (Nightmare Moon and Sombra switching places if you go by the comics).

Now I don't know if I'm excited or scared for this episode. It has a lot of potential, depending on who Starlight's team is and what they do with Chrysalis. If she reforms, I can be all right with that, better her return and survival than the more definite Sombra, but at the same time, her survival here seems to take a bit away from what I thought I liked about A Canterlot Wedding, and her as a villain. If it makes sense. Now I can't look at Canterlot and say "Chrysalis fell off that mountain" with satisfaction.

Chrysalis could ascend to first place if they destroy her up front (Sombra style, maybe?), but will they? They seem to have wimped out after Sombra's death, despite what I'd prefer to think; Tirek got imprisoned in Tartarus (ambiguous whether it's live imprisonment or eternal damnation), the Dazzlings got de-powered when they could have had them transform into their siren forms and shatter to pieces themselves (though there is of course the ambiguous "aged into dust" theory), and Season 5's villain, Starlight Glimmer, wasn't on their scale, and they threw away their chance to make her the seventh ranger (though she is getting her biggest moment to shine in this episode). And of course, there isn't that kind of villain in Friendship Games, and as for Legend of Everfree, threw away some potential there by repeating something a third time.

Even though Twilight's Kingdom and The Cutie Remark are more intense, to the point that I thought Treehouse would ban them, it doesn't seem as intense or hardcore as The Crystal Empire (despite liking them more than it) since they didn't unambiguously destroy Tirek up front, so deep down I think there's no way they're killing Chrysalis, and if they reform her, we can't look forward to seeing her in future episodes like we could with Luna, Discord, and Starlight because I don't think there'll be a Season 7 before the movie (and if there is, it might be lacking in quality due to running out of ideas), and Discord's not in the movie so she probably won't be - if she reforms, she'll probably stay in the changeling kingdom as Ember will stay in the dragon kindgom possible exception of TWABA if she's part of Starlight's team. (That's another bit of potential the episode has that I hope it doesn't throw away, but I already discussed that)

Part of it is possibly, A Canterlot Wedding doesn't seem like anything special anymore compared with Twilight's Kingdom, The Cutie Remark, or even The Crystal Empire. It was all the rage when it first came out, something new to the series, but now there's better episodes than it and it doesn't stand out now, and what does Chrysalis have on Sombra, Tirek, the Dazzlings, and Discord? (besides a villain song, which the Dazzlings also have)

Now Chrysalis is demoted to my sixth favorite villain, below Sombra, Discord, Nightmare Moon, Tirek, and the Dazzlings, and A Canterlot Wedding is demoted from my third favorite episode to me eleventh favorite. (It's still in my top 20, so it didn't go down that far) Both will go down much farther if Chrysalis flies away without any redemption in TWABA

I know I'm probably making too big a deal about this and people probably think I'm weird for it, hence why I was so reluctant to talk about it for some time (and I'm starting to lose confidence with both this and the tail thing again for articles' refusal to mention either unless it absolutely cannot be avoided), but I have seen people make a bigger deal about smaller things.