This will be the absolute last "Chrysalis return" blog I do, even if she flies away again, and the only reason I'm doing it now is because she's returned once already and set the stage for a Season 7 return, so more people will be speculating about that now, plus we know more about the changelings now, and Chrysalis being the only one to reject redemption.

So, to state all my points for the record:

I hope her return is in the premier, because, aside from October being too long to wait for, Equestria will be unable to sleep knowing she's still out there and can impersonate any pony they love. They'll be just as up in arms as the Crystal Empire in The Times They Are A Changeling when they thought Thorax was a spy until Chrysalis is either dead or reformed. I imagine some kids will be as unsettled as I am that she's still out there, willing and able to hurt ponies. All she needs is to replace one in-love pony and she'll start gaining more power...

Her Season 7 return, whenever that may be, can end one of four ways:

  1. Destroy her up front like Sombra
  2. Have her reform, achieving her light transformation
  3. Have her fly away again, that villain who never gets defeated
  4. Imprison her somewhere she could easily escape like she did three times in the comics (especially if she can turn into a bug and slip through the bars).

At this point, I'm hoping for either her death or redemption. (The former isn't impossible, because aside from Sombra and Midnight Sparkle, the show's already done a few things less often to be seen in kid-friendly shows than villain deaths, especially if she turns into an Ursa Major first, which I think she could do on account of "no one's ever vanquished one before", possibly spying on Starlight's friend Trixie to find this out) If it's one of them, I don't care which, I just like closure

Why her death would be good:

  • We haven't had an official main villain death since Sombra
  • Shows that MLP isn't afraid to show some backbone like G1 did at least twice
  • Put good use to a "disintegrate" effect they previously used on the Dazzlings' astral forms, Gloriosa's fortress, Nightmare Moon's banishment, and Midnight Sparkle's redemption (when she was Sci-Twi corrupted)
  • Many fans don't want her to reform
  • She seems pure evil, and she brought about the most depressing moment of the show

Why her redemption would be good:

  • To see what her new form would look like
  • She could spice up Season 7 and add more potential to it
  • Disintegrating her or throwing her into a lava pit would just open up another status debate

Now for the poll.

When do you think Chrysalis will return?

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For the last time - how do you want her to be defeated?

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And what are your thoughts? How do you think she'll try to exact her revenge on Starlight? She no longer has her army or her kingdom, but she still has her powers, so I think she'll either replace one pony and become more powerful, or else try turning into the Ursa Major or something. Of course she can't win, but I'm afraid she'll always fly away, remaining both alive and evil for all eternity

(Why in the name of Tirek did Discord just let her go?)