Here's a blog to discuss anything and everything about the idea of a return by Queen Chrysalis. We know she returns in the comics, so I guess this blog is only for people who view the comics as non-canon, because a.) If the comics are non-canon, she hasn't returned and is presumed dead, Guildmaster Grovyle even said so under his blog under the section "Cadance the Killer", and there's an amazing picture of Chrysalis laying dead or dying after her banishment, go on deviantart and type in "Chrysalis banished" (and maybe check out the artist's other pics while you're at it), but here's the pic itself. b.) Chrysalis's horn looks like it was broken in two from her fight with Twilight in the comics, so she can't use magic anymore. (I'm guessing she needs her horn to shapeshift)

FANMADE Chrysalis banished


Now, let's do a little review of Chrysalis. As we know, she is the main villain of the two-part Season 2 finale A Canterlot Wedding. Part 2 is Disney quality with epic fight sequences, and Chrysalis is much darker than Nightmare Moon and Discord put together. She gets an epic Harry vs. Voldemort scene with Celestia (except the opposite side wins, and the loser survives), and has her own song. She is quite creepy and menacing, but many also find her to look cool, even cute. At the end she and her army are blasted away from Canterlot, basically over the edge of a mountain, by Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, and are never seen again afterwards.

Dead or not?

Now, I addressed this next issue in my blog, The Fall of Queen Chrysalis, so I'll try to be brief. Four episodes in the series addressed that falling to one's death is possible in this show (unlike in many of the goofier TV cartoons like Looney Tunes): Friendship is Magic, Part 2 (Nightmare Moon nearly sends Twilight falling to her death, but with help from Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy save her), Feeling Pinkie Keen (where Twilight nearly falls to her death in shallow water below but a bubble cushions her from the fall), Sonic Rainboom (where Rarity has her Icarus moment and is saved by Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom), and Secret of My Excess (where Spike and Rarity nearly fall to their deaths and are saved by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy).'s always unicorns, isn't it? The Crystal Empire, Part 2 doesn't count because the bigger danger to Spike was being impaled or eaten by King Sombra. Now, both of Twilight's falls weren't as long as the distance Chrysalis would have to fall from Canterlot, and together scenes in Applebuck Season and Wonderbolts Academy involving Rainbow Dash suggest that Chrysalis would have to be faster than Rainbow Dash to use her wings, assuming she wasn't too weakened from the attack to do so (either way, see how she flails her hooves helplessly). So my headcanon goes, unless an episode retcons it, that she fell to her death, because really, how could she survive?

The answer to that is simple. Her defeat was clearly based off of Team Rocket's usual defeat in Pokemon, where they go flying into the distance and vanish with a twinkle. And they always survive their falls, so maybe Chrysalis has their resistance (as depicted in the comics). However, Team Rocket is more of the comedic kind of villain, and the battles with them aren't usually quite as serious as the fight with Chrysalis. Team Rocket also breaks the fourth wall, a trait which, in addition to their immunity, is exclusive to them, much like Pinkie Pie who can do cartoonish gags that other ponies can't, even if a few others, including Twilight Sparkle, have broken the fourth wall. And they're established to survive long falls too, such as that fall into a gorge, or when James is unharmed after taking a similar fall to the evil queen from Snow White. Seeing how the episodes were Disney quality and she was established by a Disney villain... and I suppose they thought it'd be less graphic than stabbing her as Disney did Maleficent and Ursula, and wanted to be a little subtle since MLP hasn't officially killed a villain (aside from mindless beasts) since Lavan in G1, and eventually decided to stop pulling punches with King S...

Celestia: GET ON WITH IT!

Right, sorry. I just REALLY want her to be dead, because a.) She's so evil, malevolent, menacing, and sinister, I'm usually not satisfied any other way with villains such as her, and b.) What she did to Twilight, making her friends, Celestia, and Shining Armor disown her after all they'd been through...

Rainbow Dash: You've said this a million times, so get on with it!

Right. Onto the actual subject of this blog.

Chrysalis return?

First, will Chrysalis return? Did Meghan intend her to be killed from the fall, did she intend us to make up our own minds, or does she intend a return? Even if they intended her dead, I think if they run out of ideas they can still bring her back in an episode.

Second, if Chrysalis does return, what will her return be like?

A major thing to consider for everyone who wants Chrysalis to return: Chrysalis and Discord were tied as best villain. Some liked Discord coz of his powers, resemblance to Q, fun guy to have around, etc. But when Discord returned and reformed, a lot of people liked him less and were disappointed with it. I wasn't, but a lot of people thought reforming him ruined his character and took away from the evil villain we knew, comparing it to the Joker turning good in Batman.

Now, if people reacted that way to the villain who's kinda fun to have around, the kind people should want to turn good, even the kind who some go as far as saying he's not really evil, but doing what comes naturally, imagine how they'd react if they did it with a pure evil Knight of Cerebus like her. And she's currently best villain now, she'd drop out easily if they "ruined her character" and I would be very disappointed. You might say "they probably won't", but how do you know that? Discord is the only one of the four main villains (before Sunset Shimmer) to return in an episode after his two-parter, (aside from Nightmare Moon who will be getting a flashback sequence Twilight will experience in the Season 4 premier) and they made the episode about reforming him instead of defeating him. A return by Chrysalis would likely see the same thing.

UNless she has a small cameo near the end (like Malachite in his final Sailor Moon episode) or the beginning (like Blofeld in For Your Eyes Only) of an episode and they destroy her there. Which brings me to my next point, if Chrysalis does return, would you rather see her reformed or see her killed, coz they're likely to do one of the two if she does return. If they kill her off, although that ends any chance of a return, atleast she stayed evil to the end, like Sombra and unlike Discord.

What do I think? I think Chrysalis won't return unless they really stretch for ideas, I think she's dead from the fall (or atleast I want to, if she isn't it would kinda ruin the victory moment at the end as well as Cadance's status as a Knight of Cerebys slayer, not to mention Shining Armor, a unicorn, killing her when two of her inspirations, Lamia and Voldemort, have killed unicorns so it'd make a great role reversal), and I've made it clear what I'd like them to do if they decide they have to bring her back, but I think her return will be (or should be) restricted to comics and fanfiction.

Feedback to your opinions on a Chrysalis return, whether you'd want one and what you'd want it to entail, would be much appreciated.

Equestria Games?

Screwball had a theory that I think is worth noting. Thing is, it just might be right so read at your own risk. Much of Season 4 and part of Season 3 has been leading to the Equestria Games, and there's the whole box riddle. What if Chrysalis makes her return during the Equestria Games, and feeds off the love energy of the Crystal Heart? Then the Mane 6 get their keys and open the box where they find the new weapon which they use to destroy Chrysalis? Think that might be possible?