Now I know I did one before, and one about the subject of her return at all, but now we know a few more things, there's new questions to speculate, and such. Which I don't want to mention on her page. To avoid spam, I'll look back at the other one and try to avoid repeating anything there.

Since Chrysalis is now confirmed to still be alive, this makes it likely she will appear in the Season 6 finale, To Where And Back Again. Maybe when Thorax tries to reform the other changelings, all he succeeds in doing is informing Chrysalis about Flurry Heart, leading her to invade Canterlot and try to feed off love for her.

This could end in a few ways. Either Chrysalis could join the ever-growing redemption list, or the Crystal Heart will be used to destroy her, or the Mane 6 will use Rainbow Power on her, or she could just fly away like in the comics.

So, a more abridged and updated version of the possibilities of her defeat:

Death - My first choice, which I don't need to elaborate on. There's plenty of effects they can use that would not only be kid-friendly, but enjoyable for them (after all, I was like five when I first saw Sailor Moon and all the disintegrations there is what made me love villains' death scenes in the first place). But since lately we've had a war against a dictator inspired by WWII, desolate apocalyptic future, an extremely dark hour, a possible suicide attempt, creepy (yet bloodless) zombies (though it was just a prank), and the use of a whoopee cushion (when previously I thought they weren't allowed in the show seeing that Rainbow used a bike horn last time she pulled that prank on Twilight), I think they could get away with Chrysalis being stabbed in the heart like Maleficent and Ursula, though a disintegration would be the best option.

What I'd like to see first is the Crystal Heart being used, Chrysalis gets the same as Sombra, but Thorax (and the changeling army, if they've found redemption) become crystal changelings. After all, we already got crystal dragons

And they can't just wimp out and refuse to destroy her only because they think it'd be too dark, because obviously it wasn't a problem for Sombra (and that's all I'll say of his fate).

Imprisonment - Well, what I've said before, so I'll skim it: If they're going to imprison her, let it be some magical imprisonment that would take some effort to release her, but none to keep her there. The idea would be the Tirek treatment, if they can still use Rainbow Power.

Redemption - Only odd seasons have done redemptions but they broke the villain gender pattern and the hiatus pattern, so maybe this pattern could break too. Of course fans probably wouldn't be too happy, and plus, if Season 6 is last season, there'll be no "openings for her to appear again" (and besides, don't we already have Starlight as the next Discord?) Still, I could accept redemption compared to what's below.

One thing I'd like to address and see what you all think on the subject is, if she doesn't return, are we to assume that Thorax successfully shows her the magic of friendship? Or maybe that she'll return after that? Or is she just too evil to reform like Sombra and Tirek?

Karma houdini - No matter what else, I do NOT want her to just fly away like she did in the comics, even if she "blasts off again" like last time.

So, now with everything taken into account, here's the new polls:

Do you think Chrysalis will return in the Season 6 finale?

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If not, do you think Thorax reforms her offscreen?

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Edit: If Chrysalis doesn't return in the final, I could always go by the headcanon that she and her army are dead, that Thorax survived because the blast didn't fully affect him due to not being evil (either he was unaffected or wasn't sent flying hard enough allowing him to recover with his wings), and as to the changelings mentioned to live in the changeling kingdom, maybe they were left behind by Chrysalis during the invasion. But until the finale, I'll assume she is still alive and will return.