First, I would like to note that any comments I've made on the subject on the episode's article have been deleted, why I don't know because since the reveal of the episode not a single comment on the subject in question has stayed, and just one doesn't make it spam. But my previous blog which I thought might've gone a little too far was able to stay, which is why I'll restrict that to here, and if this blog is considered "spam" as well, this is the last time I'll say this and I'll try to face these fears on my own, I'll take the hint and appreciate it if I don't get blocked, but I'd really appreciate your help in convincing me that these fears are unfounded, but only say it if you really believe it, not coz you think it's what I want to hear.

Because more than anything this blog is to discuss two ways I fear the episode might end.

The first, is that Chrysalis might just fly away at the end, for a number of reasons I'll be brief on:

  1. Death is unlikely coz if the Crystal Heart was gonna be used, they could've done it without any need for Starlight, and anything else (like Ember stabbing her with her tail) might be deemed too graphic (except falling, but then she's immune to that isn't she?)
  2. Redemption is unlikely because it's an even season, redemptions only happen odd seasons, plus she doesn't strike me as the redeemable type
  3. The Tirek treatment is unlikely because the Mane 6 won't be the ones fighting her
  4. In the comics' universe, Chrysalis flies away after doing much worse than in the show, and we know she's never returning to Equestria there, so she basically gets away with everything

That would just leave me with a sense of dissatisfaction, you know? It's not like Ahuizotl, whose battles with Daring Do will continue, or the Flim Flam brothers, who are minor and always get run out of town

The second, which would be better in the long run but could be really annoying before it reaches the critical point, is for the episode to end in cliffhanger, so that Chrysalis can reform at the beginning of the odd Season 7. I mean, they did make us wait four years to see if Chrysalis would return.

Here's a few counterarguments:

  • Garble didn't receive any real punishment at the end of Dragon Quest, but he did in Gauntlet of Fire (this season), getting hit by every obstacle, being beaten in a fight by Ember, and then the punishment Spike gives him to hug the other dragons
  • I said they'd have to contradict the comics to pull off a Chrysalis redemption because the comics' Chrysalis is pure evil. And they showed in TTTAAC that changelings come from eggs, while the comics have it so a tree spits them out as they are, so maybe that is leading to a Chrysalis redemption?

So, what do you think? I know nothing crazy like killing the Mane 6 is gonna happen, and she still has to lose, but still, is there any chance whatsoever the episode will end either of these ways?