Now I thought I'd come to the conclusion that they are simply the same as their previous forms, just corrupted by the magnified darkness within them.

But the sudden separation of Midnight Sparkle from Sci-Twi in Legend of Everfree has once again raised the question.

Is Midnight Sparkle - and therefore Demon Sunset and Nightmare Moon - a separate entity manifested from their dark side, possessing them while the victim is unaware of the possession (hence the remorse of all three), while the dark side believes herself to be the true Luna, Sunset, or Twilight (speaking of "I imprisoned my sister in the moon" and "I was bluffing when I said I'd destroy the portal)? If that makes any sense.

Or are they still all one and the same, and Midnight was simply separated from Sci-Twi when she overcame her before, like the typical "dark side separated or driven out"? (that honestly seems like the simpler answer)

Or is it all simply a nightmare based on the Midnight Sparkle transformation, possibly because Sci-Twi hasn't gotten over it yet? (besides, they've already got Gaia Everfree to deal with and we haven't seen Midnight in the trailers, only the intro clip)

I'd kinda like this cleared up once and for all. (Yes we know in the comics Nightmare Moon originated as a separate entity that came from the moon, and if you go by that as canon, Demon Sunset and Midnight Sparkle still stand)