Now I know what you're probably all thinking: This is another status debate for Chrysalis and Sombra. Well, not exactly. This won't be like the others, nor is it limited to Chrysalis and Sombra. It's not about rewriting articles in any way. It'll stay to a neutral point of view and only ask for your opinions on the matter, giving both sides of the argument. Also, Sombra won't even have a spot here because it's a lot less ambiguous with him. And when mentioning Tirek and the Dazzlings casually in comments, I'll still list them as imprisoned and run off, respectively

Also of note, this blog won't take into account the comics, where both Chrysalis and Sombra are still alive, nor the idea that this show is too prissy to kill even a villain, because they did kill Sombra, and G1 killed Tirek and Lavan up front.

Queen Chrysalis

The first Knight of Cerebus in the show was blasted over the edge of Canterlot by Shining Armor and Princess Cadance with the power of their love, and never seen again except in the altered timeline, and her returning there (with more screentime and lines than Sombra as usual, and even transforming from Applejack while her name is also mentioned) might make people more open to the idea that she might be dead.

Why she might be alive:

  • She has wings so she could have recovered in midair
  • The fall was staged like Team Rocket, who always survive so maybe she did too
  • If they wanted to kill Chrysalis they could have vaporized her and all her changelings just like Sombra instead of blasting her into the distance Team Rocket style
  • Jim Miller said she was still alive

Why she might be dead:

  • She fell over the edge of a mountain and didn't seem able to use her wings from the way she flailed her hooves
  • She was inspired by Disney villains more than Team Rocket, and they often tend to fall to their doom.
  • Note how the area she was flying towards was a barren wasteland eliminating the possibility of landing in water
  • To counter the Jim Miller argument: He said that based on her return in the comics before a serious inconsistency came up, plus no one believes Odin is dead when Anthony Hopkins said he was, and Mark Sheppard said Crowley died in Season 10 of Supernatural when he didn't, and Jim doesn't even do Chrysalis's voice, he's Sombra's VA

To neutral, unlike with Sombra, Meghan McCarthy has not mentioned Chrysalis since this, and never mentioned her current status. So I think, as I've said many times before, she intends to leave it ambiguous and let us decide for ourselves.

Lord Tirek

The rebooted version of the first ever G1 villain, after an epic Dragonball Z style battle, is last seen blasted by the Mane 6 with their newly-acquired Rainbow Power, and is imprisoned in a cage in Tartarus, powerless. But the question is - did they teleport him there or is he spending his afterlife there? Tartarus is another name for Hell, or Hades, in Greek Mythology, which has Cerberus guarding its gates and you know Greek mythology is powerful in MLP (pegasi, Icarus, etc.)

Why he might be alive:

  • Both Tirek and the princesses have entered Tartarus while alive, and Tirek's cage is in the cell next to the princesses, so can they just enter the afterlife just like that? That would sorta cheapen King Sombra's death because if Tirek was dead Sombra would have a cage in Tartarus too and the ponies could enter and talk to them
  • Cerberus is standing guard over the path leading to Tirek's cell, indicating he's either there to keep him from getting out again, or the gates of Tartarus are right there, and if the latter, that goes back to Point 1
  • Other villains rebooted from the original series (in which their original died), tend to end up imprisoned rather than dead, such as the Joker, Khan, and Blofeld
  • Tirek may be invincible, as he has already lived for a thousand years and withstands some powerful magic blasts from Twilight

Why he might be dead:

  • The Mane 6 blasted him and he suddenly appeared there, and if Tartarus is hell, that is precisely where he'd end up if he had died
  • If he is still alive, then Rainbow Power conjured a cage around him out of thin air, when it evidently couldn't repair Twilight's library. The castle seems to be the second gift from the mystery box and seemed to transform from it
  • Three cells are visible during the distance shot of him imprisoned; his is the only one that's glowing. Maybe the dead of Tartarus reside on a separate plane marked by glowing cells, invisible to the living prisoners there such as the princesses.
  • The fight was based off of Dragonball Z, and at the end of the latest DBZ movie, we see Frieza imprisoned in a cocoon in Hell, while making very clear that Goku killed him (and Trunks, the first time before Sorbet wished him back). Also Goku has entered Other World while alive, though only by teleportation

There's also a theory that Celestia and Luna killed him the first time but I disagree, I think they merely sent him through the gate as he would later do to them.

The Dazzlings

The possibility of this one is hard to notice and someone else thought of this first. It is a strange reversal that Sombra is considered worst villain (and by worst they mean lame) yet people want him to live, and the Dazzlings are fan-favorite villain yet people want them dead. Ironically I would prefer if they came back for redemption rather than the death possibility I'll mention below, but like Chrysalis, they haven't been seen following their defeat.

So, during the second most epic battle of the series, Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, and the Rainbooms defeat the seemingly-unstoppable sirens, destroying the pendants that gave them their powers. Now powerless and unable to sing, they run off the stage in shame.

Twilight implies that they will now live as harmless teenage girls, but behind that there is something subtle that many of us wouldn't even think of.

The Dazzlings were banished by Starswirl the Bearded, who was mentor of Clover the Clever, who was one of the founders of Equestria. So, Starswirl lived over a thousand years ago, meaning the Dazzlings spent a thousand years in the human world, as humans. So why are they still alive? Their pendants, which give them some small level of siren powers, keep them alive and young forever. Now, what happened to Mother Gothel, Dorian Gray, Adam Monroe, and Queen Beryl (in Sailor Moon Crystal) when their supernatural sources of immortality were taken away after living for hundreds of years? They aged into dust or skeleton. Maybe the reason the Dazzlings never appeared in Friendship Games is the same thing happened to them, with a slight delayed reaction as they had time to sing horribly and run off the stage.

Unlike Chrysalis and Tirek I kinda want this not to be true so they can return for redemption in the fourth Equestria Girls, but I don't think we're likely to see them again, as their songs are the reason they're so popular and they can't sing anymore so what return value would they have for everyone else? Besides, we've already got a Mane 7 in the human world, do we really need it to expand it to 10?

On the other hoof, if they wanted to kill the Dazzlings they could have had them transform into their siren forms instead of using astral projections, because then it would be no less family-friendly than Sombra to show them shatter to pieces the way their astral projections did


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