I'm probably done after Season 7, which hasn't had a lot of "awesome" episodes (closest being Rock Solid Friendship and Parental Glideance), and the summaries of the upcoming episodes don't sound that interesting (except Triple Threat), but I'll see it through to the end. And the movie, and maybe the Equestria Girls episodes.

There are three things I'd really prefer for them to not do above all else: (aside from stuff we know they'll never do)

And I'll try not to go saying this in comments outside of this blog, to avoid spam. (If it seems I'm mentioning the Season 7 thing too much, delete my previous comments, not this blog)

The three things they could do that would make me Discontinuity Season 7 would be: (all related to things some users find it annoying when I mention, so I spoilered them, just saying here for the record)

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1.) Saying King Sombra is still alive. I am very passionate about wanting at least one official villain death in there and he was pronounced dead by the writers, plus he's the most evil villain in the show. (Yes the comics did just that but I go by them as non-canon and I wanted him reformed there) Watching Sailor Moon at a very young age will give you that interest.

2.) Breaking Tirek out of Tartarus, thus debunking my headcanon on the nature of his second imprisonment there. (Given the epic battle and it being my favorite episode, plus him destroying Twilight's library)

But I'd be all right with my Dazzlings headcanon being debunked, if they reform

3.) Saying Fluttershy really does use tail extensions. Not only meaning no one technically bites her tail nor does Rarity bite a tail, but also saying one of my favorite Season 6 episodes is non-canon (due to it featuring her making use of her prehensile tail).

Surprisingly, none of them involve Chrysalis. I wrote a fanfic that contains a headcanon I will always go by that gives me peace. Because I don't think she will return, and if she does she'll just fly away again (like I SAID she would in To Where and Back Again before we even knew for sure whether it would be her), or else get imprisoned somewhere she can easily escape. So, I don't need to obsess over her anymore, and if she does return I'll just work my headcanon around it.

So, what are your fears for what they might do? (I predict I'll hear something Sunset/Starlight come up after that one blog)