And I'm not talking about the abomination that is the Nickelodeon dub, or the plotless, plot-hole-filled Seasons 5 and 6 (but anyone who likes either is welcome here too). I'm talking about the Cinelume (or even 4Kids) dub of Seasons 1-4 (or 1-3, for 4Kids) that has a storyline, good voices, great villains, etc.

Saying because it doesn't seem to be that popular. Charmed is, but the first I heard of Charmed is reading Duman's article on Winx Wiki saying he was inspired by Dumain, the last demon to die on Charmed (which in turn gave me something to do for the absurd haitus in the middle of Season 5, I finished the day before Season 5 resumed).

I hope this isn't considered an attention-seeking blog but I've started to feel really bad because I stumbled across a lot of people on a site who absolutely hate Winx Club for reasons I don't think are worth hating it for, and I think they're saying it just to make the fans of the show feel bad and ruin the fandom out of spite for the show. So if you've seen these people, try not to let them get you down as I did, even though I stand by all my arguments here:

1.) Too "girly"

They said guys could not possibly like it, clearly judging it for having a set of six female protagonists. Of course I don't need to go into detail on this because everyone here has to know this is utter rubbish. It's a shame that the world hasn't learned from MLP, or Sailor Moon.

The saddest part of this is, one member of this Hate Club is a brony. Bronies are supposed to be the most accepting people in the world yet you have one trying to destroy a fandom. (furthermore there is another who believes the stereotypes of the furry fandom, but that's a different story)

2.) The outfits

People have said that because of some of the Winx's "Bare Your Midriff" tops the show is (words I'm not sure I can say here). Overlooking the fact that Misty from Pokemon and Princess Jasmine from Aladdin had very similar outfits and no one ever complained about them. Furthermore, what's a Bare Your Midriff top compared with bikinis (I am allowed to say that here, right?) we see all the time on magazines and at swimming pools? No one considers that to be vulgar so the Winx's outfits in a TV show should be fine, and even if it wasn't, why would that discourage people 13 and up from liking it, because most people that age like their shows to be either ultraviolent or polluted with offensive content and write off any show that isn't as too "kid show-y". Furthermore, that contradicts the above-mentioned "too girly" argument in that the Winx were designed to appeal to male viewers.

Besides, Winx Club is extremely tame compared to other shows I'm not sure I should mention (to the point that I expected to hear the "too much of a kid show" argument first). There was one in particular that is the most mature animated show I know of that I challenged myself to watch to ignore the scenes I don't care for and focus on the story, fights, etc. and once I was done - and I was rewarded with a spectacular rainbowfied villain defeat at the end - I decided to watch a much more family-friendly anime, one that portrays its prominent female characters in a much cleaner way, to get that taste out of my mouth. Guess which one I picked.

3.) Cheap ripoff of Sailor Moon

The hate club has said stuff like "This is Sailor Moon meets Harry Potter thrown into a sack of crap". Yes, Winx Club's main two inspirations were Harry Potter and Sailor Moon, but that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. People tend to be harsh towards shows that are too "unoriginal" but really, while is is like Sailor Moon it is not exactly like it. For one, there's almost no Monsters of the Week. Servants of the villains tend to come more as mooks, like Stormtroopers, orcs, or Death Eaters. And it's also kinda cool to have it sorta crossed over with Harry Potter, because how often are Harry Potter and Sailor Moon mentioned in the same sentence?

It's exactly like people who hate Eragon for being based off Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Aside from the fact that I love mentioning all three of them in the same sentence, again who cares how much a show (or book, in this case) was inspired by another show as long as it tells a good story and is enjoyable? People continued to criticize the final book for resemblance to Star Wars, even though they actually surprised us all by straying from the Star Wars storyline in the end. The rest of this paragraph contains spoilers for Inheritance. Having followed Star Wars's story for three books, you're not the least bit surprised to have Eragon fight Murtagh, the Darth Vader, and defeat - but not kill - him. Then comes the fight with Galbatorix, and Galbatorix gains the upper hand. Any second now you expect Murtagh to kill him. Instead Eragon overpowers him with a spell that makes him feel the pain he inflicted and stabs him. Then Galbatorix blows himself up in a vain attempt to kill Eragon. I was not expecting that and I think the Star Wars thing was intended to make us expect one thing then give us a surprise ending.

Also "it tries too hard to be an anime." Well, Pokemon is an anime but tries too hard to be a regular cartoon because it doesn't have the same style as other animes.

Besides, people love Austin Powers and it was as much based off James Bond as Winx Club was based off Sailor Moon.

4.) Bloom is a Mary Sue

Of course plenty of people here hate Mary Sues too but do you hate a show for having one? "Bloom is powerful, beautiful, nothing bad happens to her so that automatically makes this show terrible." Aside from the fact that I don't think that's a thing people should hate with such a passion, what do they mean nothing bad happens to Bloom? She has been frozen by Icy on numerous occasions (and Valtor once), had her power taken away, fainted from using up all her energy to blast a stone, been blinded by Darcy, blasted into the water by Icy which knocks her out, rejected by Sky (under Diaspro's spell), initially received an incomplete Enchantix unlike the others, and even been corrupted by Darkar. Twice. Obviously they haven't really seen enough of the show.

Personally I think of her as an awesome warrior princess. She might even be my favorite character now.

Besides according to what I've been hearing, even with the introduction of Cadance, and Twilight becoming an alicorn, not as many people left this fandom as I thought.

5.) Unrealistic

This is perhaps the most bogus argument of all. "It's too unrealistic. No one believes in fairies or magic anymore." Again, the popularity of MLP speaks for itself that shows don't have to be realistic to be good or popular. Also Game of Thrones is popular and it's got dragons, and let's not forget everything supernatural in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


I've also heard these people plot to murder Iginio Straffi, the man who created the show. Does anyone think that would be justified? I don't.

So, if anyone here does like Winx Club and see people making those arguments, don't listen to them. They're trying to get you down and destroy a fandom (though there's not really much to destroy). Though it will take me a while to recover from those flames to let my flame of a different kind burn again...

And if they legitimately hate it for those reasons, they're making too big a deal over such little things and I don't think they should. If you're gonna hate it, hate it, but only because it's not your style, you don't like animated or family-friendly shows, it just doesn't spark your interest or have your favorite elements, etc. And you don't kill the creators of any show you hate. Like, I'd never kill the creators of Dora, and while I know a lot of people will disagree with my decision to dislike the Dark Knight trilogy - which I dislike for simply not having a style I'd prefer for a Batman series - I'd never kill Christopher Nolan.

But I always thought it was a good show, one people of all ages and both genders can appreciate, and one with a good story to it. I like a good fight to the death against a clear-cut villain, and outside of Marvel these seem to be in short supply these days. So is there anyone else who likes it as much as I do?

If anyone dislikes this write-up I can remove everything after the third paragraph.