There are two possible interpretations of the obvious reference to the fandom in this episode, and I don't want to jump to the wrong conclusions. Depending on what it is, this is either another sensational episode, or one that possibly spells the end of the fandom.

Obviously, they're referencing the more obnoxious fans who complain about everything and miss the whole point of the show, who let the little things bug them and can't enjoy it for what it is.

So, they could be trying to send a message about how ridiculous those fans are, and let off a little steam because they're tired of it.

However, another interpretation is that they are trying to get rid of the fandom, basically saying "Take off, we're not writing for you anymore. Which is understandable because they've done a lot of things for the fans which many didn't appreciate, and they've been very patient for four years. But, there are still some people in the fandom that aren't like that.

To support the first theory: While the first half of Season 7 hasn't been great, they did do two sensational episodes, one showing Celestia's evil transformation - even if it was in a nightmare - and one showing Applejack's parents. Both clearly done for the fans.

Also, in the first episode, Celestia even says "There is no wrong way to fantasize", which many have taken to mean that the writers know about some of the more mature fanfics people write and are all right with it.

And, Monday Blues was fun and relatable, but the possible meaning of Fame and Misfortune might have sent me crashing back down as something always does whenever I experience joy.

I really want to believe this was the intention of this episode.

To support the second theory: The fact that they didn't acknowledge the good side of the fandom, only the obnoxious side and the younger kids the show was originally meant for, because the two fillies are the only ones who get it. It basically depicted the fandom as a whole being like that, saying "anyone who isn't a little kid will miss the point and be really obnoxious about it". If they had had even one background pony or supporting mare/stallion that wasn't crazy about it, I'd have gone with the first theory instantly.

Second, I read that Jim Miller lashed out on Twitter saying basically the same message, that they're mainly writing for the kids and not the fandom anymore even in the slightest. Which means something coming from the one who did the voice of King Sombra. Unless he was just REALLY tired of all the excessive complaining he was hearing.

Season 1 was mainly meant for the kids but added in appeal so any adults in the room would not find it to be torture, and find it to be a little fun. It was enough to create the fandom, so for Seasons 2-6 they knew about the fandom and intentionally threw more appeal in there so it was clear they were writing for us just as much as them (and Season 6 did have a few questionable scenes I wouldn't expect of a kids show). But, this season might be the one to push the fandom away, tired of how many fans don't appreciate how they go out of their way to appeal to them, and deciding "forget it, let's not try to impress the fans anymore, we'll stop writing for them and focus only on entertaining the kids as was the original idea we should have stuck with from the beginning."

I'm not saying they're taking a stab at the better fans of the show, I'm saying they might take away the appeal for us after this episode because they're too fed up with the rabid fans that are like the ponies in this episode, and have decided to stop taking the fans into account to end all that. That could be why most of the synopsises don't sound as interesting, and they might revert it to the style of Tales or G3 (which I know some people liked, and that's all right, but a lot of us don't).

So, what are your thoughts? I want to be 100% sure of what the meaning of this episode is before I draw any conclusions and either continue Season 7 or stop it for real this time.

What is the meaning of this episode?

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Of course, the movie is being written by Meghan McCarthy and it's rated PG for intense action sequences (and I hope that's ALL it's PG for, given the kind of content that such shows can have), so it's a different matter entirely.