If I have anything to say about the Four Forbidden Subjects, I'll say it here, and anyone who hates me talking about any of them can avoid this blog altogether.

Incase you're unfamiliar, the Four Forbidden Subjects for me are:

  • Villain deaths, an old-fashioned ending that people consider to be overrated and overused since they love villains so much, I'm actually surprised that a show I like to watch killed off its longest running villain recently. But anyway, they think I'm rubbing King Sombra's death in their faces, and that I'm crazy to suggest that Demon Sunset Shimmer is a separate entity from Sunset Shimmer manifested from her cruelty or that the Mane 6 destroyed Tirek and his second imprisonment in Tartarus was eternal tarnation, but the most infamous villain death I keep mentioning that annoys everypony here can be summed up in three simple words: Chrysalis is dead. (There's even two blogs about it so I don't need to go into details here)
  • Biting tails, or tails in general. A completely pointless thing to have any interest in, even if you do watch Dragonball Z. What made this one of the Four Forbidden Subjects is harsh words based on my theory that the only edits I make that Imperfect doesn't revert are related to Twilight's tail, such as Simple Ways or Friendship is Magic Part 2.
  • Predictions, which have always been said to be ridiculous. And let's face it, they are. Especially when they involve Princess Luna. When a preview of Princess Twilight Sparkle shows Luna becoming Nightmare Moon, I say she's jealous of Twilight and becomes Nightmare Moon again, and since she got jealous enough to let two Nightmare Moons manifest, there could be no hope for her, she cannot be left alive. Fortunately, my original prediction was true; that it was a flashback to 1000 years ago. When it says the princesses transfer their magic to Twilight, shows Tirek sending them to Tartarus, and The Rock Father refused to mention what happens with them, I always got the impression they'd be killing Celestia, Luna, and Cadance off, although people finally convinced me they could never kill Luna because the fandom would riot if they did (just like Daryl in Walking Dead). But now the current prediction is "no more villains", on account of "they can't top Tirek" and "it'd be over in five seconds now the Mane 6 have Rainbow Power". On a side note, I was right they couldn't come up with any new villains, they had to reboot a G1 villain (though they made him quite different from G1's Tirek), and I bet if there are any new villains, it'll be more G1 villains, like Grogar, Arabus, Smooze, or Lavan.
  • Patterns, particularly involving the release dates of new seasons, and the increasing gap between them. By my prediction, Season 5 will come May 2015, and Season 7 is as far as they get once it's 2019, the year the show ends. Although one pattern I think everypony agrees with is the male/female pattern with villains. Not counting the Plunderseeds, we've got Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, Sombra, Sunset Shimmer, Tirek, Adagio Dazzle, and if there are new villains in Season 5, people are predicting Grogar.
    • Note: this has crossed over with the tail thing because I predicted based on decreasing Biting Tails in seasons that there'll be none, or else very few, in Season 5 (Season 4 barely has more than Season 3 coz Season 4 is longer).
    • On the flip side, one thing I could have mistaken for a pattern and would have been wrong about it, is the villain system in Ice Age. First film has a speaking villain, kills him off. Second has non-speaking beast villains and kills them off. Decrease in villain quality IMO. Third has non-speaking beastlike villain and doesn't kill him off. Abolishing the old-fashioned villain defeat. So no more speaking villains, and no more villain death, right? Wrong. Captain Gutt is killed by sirens and he is voiced by Peter Dinklage (who incidentally plays the character in X-Men who killed Riptide and Azazel).

So here is the place where I'll say anything related to the Four Forbidden Subjects, and keep them out of articles' comments pages. Anypony who can put up with the things I say about them, you can enter this blog, read, and comment, otherwise, ignore it, as if it were a blog on G3.