OK because of Derpy's supposed death, Twilight becoming an alicorn, and Equestria Girls, people are saying Hasbro hates us now and is trying to get rid of the fandom by going against Lauren Faust's original style. What I think is that you're being a little too critical of them.

I got John de Lancie's documentary and I've seen it. Have you any idea the things it says about us? It describes how we have a heart, how the show seems to improve the way we look at things, and how this fandom deserves a spot in the world like Star Wars, Star Trek, and anime. Now, how do you think we'd look to everyone by acting like brats because of things we don't like? Complaining about it is natural, I have complaints about 24 which is still one of my favorite TV series. (I'll address those below) However, taking it out on Hasbro might be a little excessive.

Hasbro was manipulated into killing Derpy by people who either hated her fan name being canonized or were being paranoid, and lied to them by saying "Derp" meant "retarded". If they were truly offended they'd have complained about Snails from the minute the sixth episode aired. While Derpy isn't dead, it seems Hasbro intended to kill her, but it wasn't their fault. You might think them stupid to fall for such a trick, but they probably didn't want to take the chance incase it really was people being offended, the show could've been cancelled if it was.

Twilight becoming an alicorn. Many have said this was just a cheap trick Hasbro pulled to make money. This was an example of going against Lauren Faust's style because she intended Celestia and Luna to be the only alicorns. What I think happened, was that Faust had intended for Twilight to become a princess (but not an alicorn), and people kept saying only alicorns can be princesses. (except Princess Platinum, who was before Celestia and Luna) So in order to be consistent with what we believed, they made her an alicorn. Same with Cadance. I won't say they didn't intend to make money off Alicorn Twilight, they probably jumped at the opportunity (but that's what companies do) and I don't think they foresaw what the reaction would be. And the reaction should have been "Twilight Princess."

Equestria Girls. There are two ways this show can go. Either a.) It's as good as MLP, or atleast close, in which case, why judge it before it comes out? b.) It's aimed only at little girls. Which allows them to aim a show at them without changing MLP itself. Let's remember, this show is non-canon, it's a spinoff, a completely different universe with human versions of the ponies. It's not like this is Season 4. Another way of making money? Probably, and there's nothing wrong with that given that it'll have no effect on MLP, and if you don't like EG, just don't watch it!

I won't pretend I didn't hate that they're not making a MLP movie, making one of EG instead, but sometimes they have plans and won't go TOO out of their way for us in terms of content. And contrary to popular belief, they appreciate us more than some of the other companies, Nintendo coming close. There's theories that they deliberately do the opposite of what we want, but that's just dumb luck and maybe if they hear enough voices for a movie, they'll decide to give us one eventually. I'll bring up 24 again, sometimes they seem to want to annoy us. SPOILER WARNING the bulleted list below contains spoilers for Seasons 5-7 of 24

  • I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say that David Palmer, Bill Buchanan, and Tony Almeida are some of my most favorite characters. Edgar Stiles and Milo Pressman are more of my favorite characters. They kill Bill in Season 7, Milo in Season 6, Tony and Edgar in Season 5, and, finally, David Palmer, at the beginning of Season 5 thus ensuring the second most prominent protagonist remain absent from the second half of the series.
  • But atleast Palmer and most of the others remained on the good side to the end. In Season 7 Tony comes back from the dead. You think he's working undercover to expose corrupt agents, but is playing both sides to get revenge for Michelle's death. Which might not sound too bad considering how vengeful Jack can get, but Tony is clearly evil now, he kills FBI agents, refuses to let Jack reason with him, and tries to frame an innocent man as a terrorist, I actually hated Tony in that scene and expressed wish that he go to hell (which he probably will as he never redeems himself in the series), my least favorite moment of the series was doing that to one of my most favorite characters I'd have preferred if he stayed dead in Season 5.
  • And then there was the fan favorite villain, Mandy. She's a bit like Luna in that they appear in few episodes (though to date Luna has appeared in more episodes than Mandy). Mandy was intended to return in Season 7, and again in Season 8, but they decided against it to avoid "sensational moves", which I guess means they wanted to avoid pleasing the fans. (The writers must have changed after Season 4 because they did no such thing in that season, her final appearance) A Mandy appearance in Season 7 would have atleast reduced a bit of heartache around Tony turning evil.
  • There are plans for a movie (which was even to be Live Free or Die Hard at one point, as a crossover). However they've been putting it off for years I don't think it'll happen. There are also plans to produce a canon spinoff after the movie with Mandy playing a larger role (which I'd love to see), but if the movie's not going to happen due to procrastination, this likely won't. That's worse than waiting a whole year for Season 4 of MLP.

And those were just parts of the series I hated. I enjoyed the rest and it's still one of my favorite TV shows.

Now, one anon said something about Hasbro hating bronies because of parents complaining that their little girls watch a show that men watch. Last I read, Hasbro still embraces the fandom as Lauren Faust does, I have not read an official source that they have come to hate us. If the part about the complainers is true, then they're either just being paranoid, or they're manipulative liars like Derpy's would-be murderers. Who complains about a little girl watching an all-audiences show? All audiences watch Disney movies, if a little girl watched, say, The Lion King, would it generate complaints? Furthermore, another anon pointed out that some parents are perfectly fine with it. And wouldn't the show appeal to them as well? That's what Faust was initially going for, after all.

And let's remember no one is perfect. Lauren Faust comes close because she is a genius who transformed a title previously aimed at little girls into an all-audiences show unlike any other. Remember Hasbro initially intended it aimed at little girls like G2 and G3, they never predicted how it would turn out. And Hasbro tried to keep up its style but after she left (and she said on the documentary she didn't want to but had to) it probably became rather difficult. Maybe they're not used to doing such a thing, or didn't know they were going against her style, but thankfully we have writers like M.A. Larson and Meghan McCarthy to help MLP retain much of its style. And you all hate Cadance and Princess Twilight because they have no flaws, yet you complain constantly about Hasbro's flaws. (Yes I know you don't "ALL" hate them there are others who feel they don't deserve the hate)

Hasbro is not perfect, they're doing what they can, and any tactics of Alicorn Twilight or Equestria Girls to make money is perfectly legitimate, it's what companies do. I think it's the writers' job to make the show interesting anyway and they've done a good job of that, beyond lack of Rarity episodes in Season 3. I don't think they deserve the hate any more than Celestia or Cadance. As the very unicorn who didn't get her own episode in Season 3 once learned, if you try to please everypony, you might end up pleasing nopony!