So it's come to light that The Hub is shutting down near the end of this year, before Season 5 comes on in 2015. So MLP will be moved to another channel, like Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.

Now I know from previous experience that when Winx Club moved to the Nickelodeon channel, Season 3, which had RAI and 4Kids dubs, was redubbed in Nickelodeon. Season 4 (which also had a RAI version) was dubbed in Nick as well. And I think they dubbed Seasons 5 and above. I do not think they dubbed Seasons 1 and 2, leaving that version incomplete since neither the RAI nor 4Kids episodes can be consistent (what with Layla's name being "changed" to Aisha as in the Italian version). Dragonball Z was dubbed in Ocean, just like MLP. But when it moved to Cartoon Network, FUNimation first did the voices of Episodes 54 and above. Then they redubbed the first 53 episodes into uncut 67, and even redubbed their own episodes.

Now, plenty of you have argued "MLP is Canadian produced so only Canadian voice actors". Well, despite being Canadian produced, its home country isn't getting a whole lot of merchandise. And the stuff that we ARE getting, like DVD's, Rainbow Dash shirts, trading cards, and cups, we're getting much later than the US did. You'd think Canada would be the first to get this stuff, but no. You'd think it'd air in Canada before the US, but no, episodes air for the first time weeks, maybe months, after they air in the US.

There's also been arguments "MLP isn't an anime like Dragonball Z". Well technically, neither is Winx Club. It definitely has elements of magical girl anime such as Sailor Moon, but TV Tropes has always categorized it as "Western Animation".

So, this gives us the question: When MLP moves to Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon, who will do the voices of Season 5 and above? And if it gets different voices, will Seasons 1-4 and both movies be redubbed?

Who will do voices in Seasons 5 and above?

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I know I'm sounding paranoid here just like with my predictions of doom for Luna (which I know now will never come true, as I am ironically trying to convicne somepony else) or Rarity leaving the Mane 6. And I might not have even made any one of those negative predictions if several someponies hadn't broke MLP's spell over me by raging about Alicorn Twilight and the human ponies and, in some cases, leaving the fandom because of it. If it wasn't for that pointless rage that divided the once-awesome fandom, I would still have a positive attitude and try to convince anyone else who made negative predictions that it wouldn't be so. Now because of that I get affected by every little complaint someone has about an episode. Here's a blog about that.