Here's what I'd say:

1.) I'd express my appreciation for everything they've done, or allowed DHX to do, for the fans.

2.) I'd ask if they could release more of their products in Canada (because we hardly get anything here aside from toys, books, DVD's, and sometimes calendars, but I hear there's much more in the US). Especially since they're using Canada's voice studio for their show. Plus it would get them more money

3.) I'd request that they acknowledge the older fans on the back of their DVD's in case some people are afraid of getting them on account of feeling they have to hide from the people they live with, and thus mention of the fandom on the back can give some justification. Again, would get them more money

4.) Right now, I'd ask them to make sure DHX saw Chrysalis defeated for good (one way or the other) in the Season 7 premier. (I've gone into more detail on other blogs so that's all I need to say)

5.) I'd ask them a certain question related to the Equestria Girls transformations... (I should've had Screwball ask back when he had connections)

Previously I'd have asked them to release a DVD box set of G1, but they've already done that so there's no need