In the past few years, Nintendo has come out with some great games. The latest two Mario & Luigi's are worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as the first three. Hyrule Warriors is a really fun game to play, quite different from other Zelda games but certainly not in a bad way and gives you the chance to play as other characters besides Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf (Ruto, Midna, Ghirahim, and Zant particularly stood out for me). Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, while not having characters I'd have liked to see in it, still has a decent selection and some awesome items going back to old times (the chickens from hell, Galaga, Racoon leaf, etc.), even with Omega stages for those who like the backgrounds and theme songs but not the stage hazards. And Mario Kart 8 redeems the awkward controls of the Wii game, and not only does it have awesome levels that's fun to race at, but also you can play as all the Koopalings.

Overall, Nintendo is one of those companies like Hasbro who cares about their fans.

But lately, they've made two decisions that make me question whether their old president died and a new one who is either stupid or doesn't care about the fans.

First, let's go back in time to before Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They tried something new with their fourth Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It had the Sticker system, but between needing the stickers to attack at all (instead of them being just a sub for FP) and other stuff, it was considered to be the worst Paper Mario. The first three were awesome, the third was criticized somewhat but many agree it was decent.

So, Nintendo learned from that, right? If they're making a fifth Paper Mario it'll revert to the style of the first two games? Maybe the third? Wrong. From the sound of things the new Paper Mario coming out will be just like the fourth. So they learned absolutely nothing.

Second, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. I've still got too much stage fright to do an AVGN style video of it and put in on youtube, but I cover all the points in bigger detail here.

In short, it sounds inferior to the London 2012 Olympic Games. First, they make four of the Koopalings playable, to which two of the three that aren't are Iggy and Lemmy, who are popular. Eggman Nega is playable as well, but only in Long Jump, for characters are restricted to one event. This is in 3DS version; the Wii U version cut out Eggman Nega, Roy, and Ludwig (and I heard the most popular Koopaling is either Roy or Ludwig, either way they cut the most popular Koopaling for Wendy and Boom Boom). And, not only are there no Dream Events (which are always the most fun), but all the new characters, even in the Wii U version, are restricted to one event each.

Who would want to get that game? Especially if they already have Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games? I wanted to pair Blaze and Wave or Espio, and put all three of them with Tails in four-player events, and play as Eggman Nega. But you can only play as Eggman Nega ever in Long Jump in the 3DS version (which is the same event Espio is restricted to in Wii U), and it's not my best event.

What were they thinking? Why would they do either of these things? Why couldn't all characters be playable in all events, why couldn't Eggman Nega be playable, and if they could only do four Koopalings (though some like Dry Bones weren't quite necessary), why not Iggy, Lemmy, Roy, and Luwdig? (Actually I like Morton more than Lemmy, but Lemmy's more popular) And why not Zeena instead of Sticks the Badger, a character from less-than-popular games not in the main continuity?

I know I'm certainly not wasting any money on these. If anyone else is just as disappointed, please make your voices known, it could eventually reach them how disappointing they were and make them learn from all this.