I know I made similar comments, but here I'm asking if anyone else feels the same way I do, plus saying a few things I mentioned already in one comment but deleted that part of the comments to avoid spam. (If this is too much combined with my other comments about not watching Season 8, delete those instead of this blog, but I did remove it from the Season 8 blog someone did)


I already reviewed the seaons, so here's a quick mention:

Season 1 was classic, is now somewhat nostalgic, and created the fandom. Season 2 was better. Season 3 wasn't quite as good at times but was more ambitious. Season 4 was better than Season 2, and Season 5 was even better. (All in my opinion of course)

Season 6 hasn't been as good, but it did have some really good episodes. Season 7 hasn't been as fun as Season 6, though it's still all right and had one really good episode.

Basically, I get the feeling the show is declining in quality since Season 6, likely in part due to some of the good writers leaving.

It hasn't gotten overly dull yet, and I'd prefer to not see it like that, so I might be ignoring anything after Season 7, except the movie. (I'll gamble and watch it in the theaters, I have faith in Meghan McCarthy to make it fun, epic, and satisfying, with some cuteness sprinkled in, but if I don't find anything really fun about it, I'm ignoring it too)

Especially since the advertisement for Season 8 shows Tartarus, which means Tirek is coming back and thus my headcanon for him will be debunked. And, I have a pretty good guess as to who's next after him and Chrysalis.

However... there is one way Season 8 MIGHT get my interest.

If Chrysalis reforms, her transformed state seems cool (or cute), and she seems like she'll become Twilight or even Starlight's student instead of returning to the changeling kingdom to get rare appearances next season like Discord, Ember, and Thorax. Her presence in Season 8 might spice it up, and fans may prefer her to Starlight (though it's more likely they'll hate it coz redemptions are too common in this show and they preferred her not to in TWABA).

Anything less, I will likely be ignoring Season 8. Maybe the show's just run its course for me (though I'll still love Seasons 1-6). May not get the box set of Season 7 either, though I will keep the episodes recorded - however low-quality - if I need to make quick reference to them just in case.

Although, with the show on yet another unnecessary mid-season hiatus, which will likely be three months starting AFTER Not Asking for Trouble airs on Discovery Family - I think they did this as a cruel trick to get us excited for the finale coming sooner than usual - I might not even keep track of when Season 7 resumes, despite the Thorax/Ember episode I WAS looking forward to. I have other things on my mind and might not follow it as intently as I used to. (And my friend Screwball hates the show now, except for Sombra)

Besides, I'm not known for my patience. If Chrysalis does return in the finale, whatever happens with her, that means they deliberately made us wait this long for her return, and we know they'll pull the same trick with Tirek in Season 8, to make the wait for his season finale return as painful as possible. I'm already counting down days to Avengers: Infinity War and I don't need another thing to wait for! I just want to relax!

Does anyone else feel this way? (And I should probably not comment for a while to avoid more Chrysalis drama)