So, what are your expectations for it?

2017. Making us wait two years after Season 5 for this movie? (with maybe an Equestria Girls 3 in between? In which case there has to be a male villain in Season 5) I am going to be extremely demanding about this one. (I don't usually say this anymore because my expectations for two-parters are lowered now, Tirek sure as hay exceeded expectations)

  • Lots of good songs
  • A dark and menacing villain on the same level as Chrysalis, Sombra, Demon Sunset, Nightmare Moon (in Princess Twilight Sparkle), and Tirek. With a huge epic battle at the end. Basically, everything Tirek is. Maybe have their own villain song like Chrysalis, but I won't be too demanding there. (And I kinda thought if they were going to do Tirek he'd be reserved for something like this) Probably a male villain, unless there is one in Season 5 but no Equestria Girls 3. (I know I'm not allowed to mention patterns but this pattern hasn't been broken - Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, Sombra, Sunset Shimmer, Tirek, Adagio Dazzle. Plunderseeds don't count and if Discord is counted as villain, he was already second villain so the pattern is only including new villains)
  • Discord (and not just some background non-speaking cameo like Gustave in Equestria Games)
  • Princess Luna (and not just some non-speaking appearance like in Equestria Games)
  • Rarity (but of course she has to appear in it!)
  • No Gilda
  • Something I'd prefer not to mention here
  • Don't kill off Luna. (unless she is immediately revived like Ash Ketchum was on three occasions) Not too worried about that though, they know there will be a riot if they do. (Edit: Sure they're never killing a non-villainous character)
  • Don't go... certain inappropriate places with the ponies. (The show hasn't seemed willing to do it so I'm confident there)
  • Destroy the villain as spectacularly as Sombra. I initially worded this paragraph differently, but at the time I edited this to the version you're reading now, 7/8 voters in the poll want the villain destroyed so this time I can feel no shame in saying the same.
What do you want to happen with the villain of this film?

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And if enough would be disappointed to my preference, I'll just have to accept that, but everything else I said above still stands. (of course if they blast them to Tartarus like they did Tirek, that would atleast give us the freedom to interpret that as we will, whether they teleported him there or whether they destroyed him and his imprisonment is eternal tarnation)

I won't be so demanding as to ask for the party theme, the fashion show theme, or Gustave le Grand. And I'm not going to say "Rainbow Dash" either because there is next to no chance she won't appear.

Of course there is some question as to how the villain can last a whole movie with the Mane 6's Rainbow Power and stuff. If there is a villain for Season 5, they'll have to find a way around that too. Look how easily they defeated Tirek even after he took their magic.

Although again it's 2017 which is three years from now, how do we know the fandom won't have dissolved by then from lack of new episodes?

Edit: And it'll probably disappoint me in every way. Well, I know I can expect 5, 6, 8, and 9, but I bet the rest will disappoint. So, just like Avengers: Thanos Imperative, I don't really have any reason to look forward to it. It'll probably be good, but not good enough to satisfy all my demands.