Just for the record, that thing at the end of To Where and Back Again is no longer a factor coz I got a headcanon to go by that gives me peace.

So, it's too early into the season to tell whether it will be good. My friend Screwball, who got me into the series, no longer likes the show (except for a certain unicorn) and won't watch any more episodes, not even The Crystal Empire due to the ending (don't worry, we're still friends, and have been so for too many years to let something like that drive us apart), while my brother - whom I previously had a hard time convincing of the show's popularity, alone of everyone I told - insists I keep watching it.

The premier was all right, better than The Crystalling, though nothing special, and not significant to the overall story aside from a bit of backstory of Celestia. Based on the summaries of the six upcoming episodes, none of them sound really interesting except Fluttershy Leans In and Parental Glideance, which revolve around my two favorite ponies.

So, I'll watch those two and see if I like them as much as I usually like their episodes. If I do, I finish Season 7. If not, then I ignore Season 7 entirely. (It could be I'm just getting more tired and harder to please, maybe the ponies have run their course) Either way I'll still love Seasons 1-6, I still have some passion for ponies and can't resist Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's cuteness

Either way I'll still watch the movie, I have faith in Meghan McCarthy to make it as good as I found most of her episodes, I might even gamble at the theater without looking up the ending on wikipedia or somewhere first

So, what are your plans and expectations?