(This isn't another "Should I leave" or "My final blog", I might return)

Aside from checking replies to this blog, I might be taking a break from here for two reasons:

1.) To avoid any more drama with Chrysalis. I had a headcanon to go by and was starting to be quiet about her, until there's speculation of her return, then she returns and flies away. Which of course started up a whole new thing. There's no need to talk about that now, and being on here hasn't really helped my concerns for the future of MLP or my insecurity about my interests. It's possibly even made it worse. So, maybe it's better if I don't revisit Episodes, TWABA, or Chrysalis's pages precisely for a while.

2.) I am going to be watching two old and popular animes I've never seen before: Naruto and Inuyasha. Naruto at the suggestion of my brother because it's apparently strong with one of my favorite elements that's becoming rarer to be seen in this show (except in one episode of Season 6, but some people would think otherwise due to an in-universe rumor about the character in question), and Inuyasha because I know it meets my current standards and has ended with closure. Besides, Inuyasha has eight seasons and its voices are done by Ocean, the only other Ocean show I know of to run for so long is this show but it doesn't use as many anymore and may lose me if Chrysalis stays alive and evil. Richard Ian Cox is the main character Inuyasha, Paul Dobson, who does a superior Zarbon, is the main villain Naraku, and the guy behind him - though I read he first appears in The Final Act - is Michael Dobson, whom I got to talk to once. And of course there's a Scott McNeil character in there somewhere. Is there some sort of catch to this? I even found it for a decent price, especially for an anime.

In turn I'll be watching them both for two reasons: 1.) To kill time for Season 7, and since most speculation of the episode I'm waiting for is it being at the end of Season 7, I might have a long way to go. 2.) I'm extremely hungry for some satisfaction after the whole Chrysalis thing, and Supernatural, Disney, and Marvel haven't exactly been feeding me lately (well, maybe Marvel but we're not sure).

So, I want to avoid some Chrysalis drama and I'll be busy watching both of them for entertainment, just like Charmed in the middle of Season 5 (which I ironically finished the day before Season 5 resumed). Might occasionally check in this blog for comments, but until then, goodbye. (Of course you can expect to see me again once a notable episode comes on, but if she doesn't return in the premier, I'll try to keep quiet)

One more thing: I'd like to acknowledge Fruity Treeze and Elunalis, who have been very accepting, understanding, and downright friendly towards me in this dark hour.

And have a merry Christmas and happy New Year everypony