OK, so now that Season 4 has finally come and is underway, and Season 5 has been confirmed, what are your predictions for them?

How will Season 4 end? Probably with the Mane 6 using their keys (which I think Rarity and Rainbow Dash already got, in Rarity Takes Manehattan and Rainbow Falls) to open the box and get what's inside the box. What's inside the box? Probably Rainbow Power, which has a similar effect to the Elements of Harmony or the Rainbow of Light (the magic that killed Tirek in G1).

However, I doubt the Rainbow Power will be used at the end of Season 4. Why? Because it's a one-parter, and one-part season finales don't have major villains. One-part episodes like Power Ponies or Hearth's Warming Eve can, but somehow this episode seems like it'll be more for the Rainbow Power.

That, and they don't seem able to come up with any new villains, aside from one-shot villains like The Mane-iac. Look at the black vines, people hardly even count them as villains at all. I was expecting another Chrysalis/Sombra this season, I don't even care that Twilight vaporized them. (But they were really my only disappointment)

So, this "Rainbow Power", if it is the new weapon as predicted, we'll probably see it in action once... but only once. When will that be? End of Season 4 seems less likely than end of Season 5, series finale. Or maybe the beginning of Season 5 and keep the series finale a villain-less episode. I have two theories on what happens with the Rainbow Power:

1.) They use the Rainbow Power on an antagonist. The only three that I could see them doing are: a.) Queen Chrysalis. b.) Tirek, in G4 form. c.) Starswirl the Bearded, corrupted by Nightmare Moon magic as Shadow Pony (see how the Shadow Pony has a wizard hat). Now I think it's been established to me that they're neither willing to bring Chrysalis back nor able to bring Tirek back. But maybe Starswirl the Bearded comes in as final antagonist, and the Mane 6 decorrupt him with rainbow power.

2.) The only way they could "outdo themselves" for "lack of a good villain" in Princess Twilight Sparkle (though admittedly Nightmare Moon was a good substitute). By making the threat of the episode a snowstorm or severe thunderstorm or something caused by a stone that was placed on a mountain by Discord before Celestia and Luna confronted him to turn him to stone 1000 years ago. And the Mane 6 go up to the mountain, find the stone, and destroy it. This stone being a complete object of enchantment and therefore cannot be considered "villain" like the vines can. If they do Starswirl in the finale, I can see this being season premier, and either Applejack kicks the stone, Twilight blasts it with magic, or Rainbow Dash uses Rain Nuke.

Second, Equestria Games, probably will be the second to last episode. Or maybe the final of Season 5, if they use Starswirl in the premier. I initially had a theory that it would form a two-parter and be crashed by Chrysalis, who the Mane 6 will destroy with the Rainbow Power once they acquire it, but between the fact that the final is a one-parter and that Chrysalis probably won't return (which I'll address below) I think that's unlikely.

Third, will Queen Chrysalis return? I used to be back and forth (like Rarity's tail) between that, but now I'm pretty sure she's not going to, for the following reasons: a.) She's dead. I think Meghan intended it so and firmly believes it, but won't admit it for fear of disappointing those who want her to survive. Which is why she won't answer questions on her. Kinda like the whole ambiguous "Is Pinkie Pie an Apple?". b.) They're afraid of ruining the character like people think they did with Discord. We need to preserve the one best villain we have left let her stay the way we remember her! (For the 100th time, I was cool with Discord being redeemed, but with Chrysalis it would take away from the Knight of Cerebus that made her episodes so epic) c.) If they know about the comics, they're probably content to leave Chrysalis returns to them, since the first four issues will satisfy anypony who wanted a Chrysalis return and want her to survive. (although the state she's left in by the end isn't much better)

I'm not even going to waste time asking whether King Sombra or Lightning Dust will return. Sombra is dead, Meghan confirmed it (and I wouldn't have it any other way), and Lightning Dust has no return value if they're not redeeming her, and if they were going to, they'd have done it as initially intended at the end of Wonderbolts Academy.

But the most important question of all is... How many bronies and pegasisters will still be in the fandom by the end of Season 4? Some of us thought Season 4 was good, but others say the episodes are "crap" and are inferior to Seasons 1 and 2 and are leaving the fanbase or atleast losing interest because of it. (some even before that) I can't ask them not to, they have to go their own way, but it's just so sad to see peaple leaving... Flame, PowerStar, and now Sentrakk... among others I'll bet... I was disappointed with the Season 4 villain but I still think Season 4 was as good as the other seasons, and we got another Derpy cameo... but some are saying she's overrated now...