I'll be leaving this wiki now. All I've ever done since I got here is annoy people with my constant talk of villain death, tails, and predictions that are either predictions of doom or predictions that there'll be no more villains in later seasons, or something about patterns which no one else believes in. The only exceptions seemed to be Jonny Manz, Sonicthehedgehog, and Pegasus Parchment, I think.

I keep thinking it was because the fandom changed because of the rage for Alicorn Twilight, but maybe it's just I'm being too annoying with all my theories/opinions/preferences.

King Sombra's defeat S3E2

So old-fashioned

Killing off the main villain is so last-season, but I guess I'm old-fashioned with villains, I feel it to be a classic ending because I grew up watching Disney movies, which are one of the two types of series that like that the most (other being action movies). I stand by Chrysalis but I know the notions that Demon Sunset Shimmer is a semi-separate entity manifested from Sunset Shimmer's evil side, and that the Mane 6 destroyed Tirek and his second imprisonment in Tartarus is eternal tarnation, are a bit of a stretch and extremely headcanon-y.

Applejack holds Rainbow back by the tail S1E07

Pointless fetish

The tail thing? I am a big fan of Dragonball Z, and also I sometimes get curious as to what it'd be like to have a tail. Plus in MLP it's mostly biting tails, which is an entertaining subtheme for me because of how many times Applejack does this to Rainbow Dash. Some people got annoyed when I kept saying that the only edits I make that don't get reverted are related to Twilight's tail.

Luna transported to Tartarus S4E26

Pointless-Prediction-Of-Doom Fuel

Predictions and patterns? Though this wasn't my intention, I seem like I'm ignoring any argument against my predictions and patterns. There are some people who just can't be reasoned with, and maybe this wiki would do better without people like that, and every user here would be happier for it. Some of the reasons I make these predictions is for people to convince me they cannot come true, like with Luna. (they had me at "the fandom would riot if they killed Luna"). Though I do believe the "no more villains" and the "Season 5 begins May 2015", which have received several arguments.

But I can't expect anyone to understand any of this, so I shall depart this wiki forever. Arrividerci! (vanishes in a flash of light) (discord)

(reappears) One more thing: A poll. Be honest.

How would you feel if I left this wiki forever?

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