I've been gone for quite a while and had intended to never comment or write blogs again, except on the talkpages of my closest friends here, but I have nowhere else to turn to with this and I hope this doesn't come off as an attention-seeking blog, because all I'm seeking is advice

As you can probably imagine, I am disappointed that after how long we had to wait, we're neither getting a You-Know-Who return nor a Celestia episode, and that's all I'll say on that.

But I do want to keep interest in Seasons 1-6, and after the latest trailer, I also want to give Season 7 a chance, but somehow I'm getting the feeling it doesn't seem much fun anymore. But then, neither does anything else right now. (Btw I beat Breath of the Wild two days ago and thought it was fun, but then the announcement came the next day)

So, any suggestions on how to remember what I loved about the show and feel the same way about it again as I used to? (probably not the same as before Twilight became an alicorn, that can never be done, but between then and Season 6 when it was "just one of my favorite shows"?) If She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named isn't returning (on account of they can't think of a revenge plan for her and it was an empty threat for fear purposes) I can keep my headcanon for her that Elunalis suggested (which I depicted in a fanfic), but any other suggestions? Has anyone else gone through the same thing?

On a side note, as the movie's being written by Meghan McCarthy I do want to give it a chance for sure, but it's coming in a little late. In the time of Seasons 1 and 2 when the pony flame was burning brighter than the sun, I really wanted to see a full length movie about these characters we love so much that seemingly changed my life forever. But when it was announced, I wasn't looking forward to it as much, because the flame wasn't burning as bright, as it was too late into the series. (Maybe came from wanting to see more of them, but we did for six seasons, some episodes of which weren't as impressive even though many of them were)