So there's been debate as to whether or not Nightmare Moon should get her own article. Whether she's Luna's dark side and a possible separate entity or just Luna corrupted and therefore an alternate form (and alternate forms have had their own articles on various other wikis), this has been rejected by many because this has "article length standards" (Seriously, that's kinda messed up) and people don't think there's enough content on Nightmare Moon for her own article. Even the comics, which people use as a basis to say that Chrysalis is still alive, don't seem "canon" enough to do this.

But Nightmare Moon is really just like Chrysalis and Sombra: A villain appearing only in a two-part episodes. And if anything more than Sombra because she returns in the comics as well. If Sombra can have his own page, she can.

So, I will write what my Nightmare Moon article would look like. IF this wiki followed the same style as other wikis, but unfortunately it doesn't, so this article has about as much chance of being the real Nightmare Moon article here as the Cutie Mark Crusaders have of getting their cutie marks. (although I will speak in present tense) But more than anything, this is to prove that there is enough content for a Nightmare Moon article, if somepony who's good at "out-of-universe" writing is up to it.

Nightmare Moon

Nightmare Moon
Nightmare Moon appears S1E1

Nightmare Moon appears in Friendship is Magic, Part 1
Kind Alicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Princess Luna's dark side
More info
Eyes Moderate cyan with catlike irises
Mane ¤ Brilliant persian blue with a light violet aura surrounding
Coat Very dark cerulean (as Nightmare Moon)
Magic aura Moderate cobalt blue
Cutie mark
CanterlotCastle CM Luna
Voice Tabitha St. Germain

Nightmare Moon is the main antagonist of the Season 1 premier Friendship is Magic, as well as the IDW comics second story arc. She is Princess Luna corrupted or (as hinted in the comics and by Lauren Faust) possessed by her jealousy and bitterness.

Development and design

Nightmare Moon is the same size of Princess Celestia, despite Luna being smaller. She is a black alicorn with a blue mane and tail with a violet aura around them. Her eyes have slit pupils.

Although the episodes themselves have not suggested this, Lauren Faust has hinted at Nightmare Moon being a manifestation of Luna's bitterness possessing her by saying "Luna was no longer present, jealousy buried her inside Nightmare Moon". She also said that Luna could not be drawn out, so she banished her to the moon and over the next thousand years orchestrated the events leading to Luna's release. This has been depicted in the comics as well. It has also been hinted that there is an "outside force" behind the transformation.


It was Luna's bitterness that transformed her into Nightmare Moon. When she first appears, she intimidates the ponies with her evil laugh and pointed questions. She snidely refers to them as her "beloved subjects", but is impressed when Twilight recognizes her.

Nightmare Moon also uses magic to set obstacles in the way of Twilight and her friends as they search for the Elements of Harmony. She manipulates a manticore and sea serpent into becoming two such obstacles by embedding a thorn in the paw of the former and cutting the latter's mustache off. She also tries to manipulate Rainbow Dash into betraying her friends, but is unsuccessful. Although she mostly uses an indirect approach, she does attack the royal guards, and confronts Twilight Sparkle before shattering the Elements of Harmony.

Nightmare Moon wants to bring eternal night, and, according to Lauren Faust, usher in an era of evil.

Like other villains, she is overly confident of herself and calls Twilight Sparkle a fool (foal) for thinking she can defeat her.

Depiction in the series

At the beginning of Friendship is Magic, Part 1, it is told in a story that Princess Luna became resentful that everypony slept through the night. One day, Luna refused to lower the moon. Celestia tried to reason with her, but her bitterness had transformed her into the evil Nightmare Moon. Reluctantly, Celestia used the Elements of Harmony to banish Nightmare Moon to the moon.

One thousand years later, as told in a propecy, the stars release Nightmare Moon from her imprisonment. She imprisons Princess Celestia offscreen and appears in her place at the summer sun celebration. Rainbow Dash tries to fly at her, demanding to know where Celestia is, but Applejack bites her tail and holds her back. Only Twilight Sparkle is able to identify her, having read about her. Nightmare Moon says that the night will last forever.

In Friendship is Magic, Part 2, Mayor Mare tells the guards to seize Nightmare Moon and make her tell where Celestia is. Nightmare Moon says "Stand back, you foals" (a reference to Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty), attacks them, turns to dark smoke, and flies away. She later spies on Twilight and the other ponies through the window as they read a book about the Elements of Harmony, and enter the Everfree Forest to search for them and defeat Nightmare Moon.

Nightmare Moon causes a cliff the ponies are standing on to collapse. Rainbow Dash gets Pinkie Pie to safety while Fluttershy bites Rarity's tail to keep her from falling, and Applejack keeps Twilight from falling until she tells her to let go, where Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy catch her.

Then Nightmare Moon turns into a thorn embedded in the paw of a manticore, causing him to attack the ponies until Fluttershy shows him kindness and is able to walk up to him and remove the thorn.

When the Mane 6 enter a dark part of the forest, Nightmare Moon creates evil faces on the trees, frightening all the ponies except Pinkie Pie, who laughs at them to make them disappear and has the other ponies do the same.

Then Nightmare Moon tears off half of the sea serpent Steven Magnet's mustache, which sends him into a tantrum that renders the river impassible. Rarity cuts off her tail and sets it in place of his mustache, calming him down so the ponies can cross the river.

Approaching the ancient ruin where the Elements are, the ponies find their way blocked by the Gorge of Eternal Peril. Rainbow Dash tries to set the bridge back up, but Nightmare Moon takes the form of the Shadowbolts and tells Rainbow Dash to join them, and to turn away from the other ponies. Rainbow Dash declines her offer and sets the bridge back up.

Finally the ponies enter the ruins. Twilight tries to activate the Elements of Harmony, but Nightmare Moon teleports them and her to another room. They charge at each other with their horns, but Twilight teleports to the Elements of Harmony and tries to activate them again. Nightmare Moon attacks Twilight, and the Elements of Harmony don't activate. Nightmare Moon stomps on them and shatters them to pieces.

When the other five ponies enter, a spark ignites inside Twilight when she realizes that they are her friends, and that each of them represents an Element of Harmony. The Elements of Harmony are restored, taking new forms, and the sixth Element is revealed as the Element of Magic. The Mane 6 use the Elements of Harmony to destroy the evil of Nightmare Moon, restoring Luna to her true form while pieces of Nightmare Moon lay around her.

Depiction in the comics

In Issue 5 of the comics, Luna says that when she was trapped as Nightmare Moon, she wanted the ponies to fear her, and the dark forces knew exactly what to say to convince her. When Luna was restored by the Elements of Harmony, she thought the dark forces would wither and die, but they came back to life through the cycle of the new moon to be granted one more chance to claim what Nightmare Moon promised them, a kingdom of their very own.

In Issue 6, the nightmare forces are revealed to have corrupted the denizens of the moon and transform them into nightmare monsters. The dark force manipulates Rarity into thinking that her friends would replace her with a pony resembling Mabel Pines (from Gravity Falls), and transforms her into Nightmare Rarity.

It is possible that this is how Luna became Nightmare Moon before.

In Issue 7, Nightmare Rarity is resistant to the ponies' attempts to get through to her (though she is almost affected by Spike), and the nightmare forces overpower the ponies and imprison them in the dungeon. When Spike enters her castle, she tries to trick him with an illusion of Rarity, but when she says to forget the past, Spike knows it is an illusion. Nightmare Rarity tells Spike that the nightmare has only begun.

In this issue, Nightmare Rarity speaks of Rarity as a separate pony from her, when she says she specifically chose Rarity as her vessel due to "self-esteem issues" and a "deep dark secret", as well as preventing the Elements of Harmony from being used against her again. She also implies that she is the original Nightmare Moon, now separate from Luna, by saying that the ponies have defeated her once before.

In Issue 8, Nightmare Rarity leads the Nightmare Forces to destroy Ponyville and permanently eliminate what remains of Rarity inside her. Nightmare Rarity defeats Luna, but the ponies escape from the dungeon and decorrupt Jerome, one of the Nightmare Forces. Luna does the same to the rest of the Nightmare Forces, including their leader Larry, before Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie use the power of their friendship on Nightmare Rarity while Luna uses her magic, weakening her to let Rarity briefly take control before Nightmare Rarity takes control again, saying Rarity's body is hers and telling her she will be remembered as a dark and cruel ruler. The ponies use the power of their friendship again, this time with memories of Rarity, again weakening Nightmare Moon's control over her, and with Spike using the power of his love for her, restoring his fire ruby, the evil of Nightmare Moon is exorcised from Rarity and destroyed forever. 

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