I know plenty of you are anticipating a new villain in the season finale for Season 4, that it might be a two-parter like A Canterlot Wedding.

Thing is, MLP tradition is to have a new villain for every two-part premier, and we didn't exactly get that as we expected in Season 4. While Nightmare Moon basically steals the whole episode with her flashback, and is shown to be as dark as Chrysalis, Sombra, and Demon Sunset Shimmer, they weren't really characters, just evil plant monsters created by Discord when he was still evil. Sure, they were menacing, they were dangerous, and I did like the ones that turned into facehuggers, not to mention getting a spectacular death scene which they avoided three times in Season 4. But they had no character at all, at least Sombra had some personality.

So I've probably said it before: Were those black vines really the best they could do? I think they lost confidence after the reception to Sombra and Sunset Shimmer. Nightmare Moon was villain of the two-parter before bronies and pegasisters even existed, but was still pretty standard (at least until Season 4). Discord was unique in his own way, fun to have around, and I know plenty would disagree with me but it's cool to have him reformed so more stories can be told with his character. Queen Chrysalis is probably considered by most (including myself) to be best villain. Dark, menacing, cool-looking, has her own song, Disney quality episodes. King Sombra is where most would say the villian quality seemed to start to diminish, but in my opinion he was the grand finale - his lack of screentime and dialog was only to make him more like Sauron, he was meant to be a "dark presence" and he was perfect otherwise. Then there was Sunset Shimmer, who was more of an ambitious jerk than an outright villain. Her demon form was as dark and menacing as Chrysalis and Sombra, and the fight was as epic, and, I have my own theory that she's a semi-separate entity from the original Sunset Shimmer (if only so there can be a distinction between this "minor antagonist material" villain and this dark malevolent epic villain, as well as considering the demon form "dead"). Then you get the black vines.

So, get what I'm saying here? They're afraid that any new villain they come up with will be as poorly-received as Sombra and Sunset Shimmer. They lost confidence since people thought the darkest villain was lame on account of lack of screentime, and that people didn't like Sunset Shimmer as a villain like they do most of the others even though she got more screentime than Sombra. So they made the Season 4 villain these vines that have no character at all.

But this does not mean they're incapable of coming up with new villains. They were able to come up with an amazing one-parter villain who would have been good in a two-parter, would have been a suitable replacement for the black vines using her hairspray to damage the Tree of Beginning causing the Everfree Forest invasion, creating the black vines and facehuggers, and forcing the Mane 6 to return the Elements. Of course The Mane-iac fit more in the comic book world what with the Joker backstory and all, for the whole story of the Mane 6 becoming superheroes. They probably didn't think of it as much, though, just a typical comic book villain that's like The Joker and Doctor Octopus, did they ever realize that this villain was a more epic and interesting villain than Sunset Shimmer and the black vines put together? They are capable of creating new and better villains, they just don't see it.

What they need to do is give us another one like Chrysalis, the Mane-iac, and Nightmare Moon as revealed in Princess Twilight Sparkle, but with more screentime than Sombra and Demon Sunset Shimmer. And with villains like them, I like to see the villain symbology played straight if you know what I mean.

I'll try not to be too demanding for a new villain after my demands for Chrysalis and Sombra were met (atleast I think they were for Chrysalis, I want to say, if she doesn't appear at the Equestria Games she's not returning ever, but if there is going to be a Season 5, they might get so desperate for a good plot after using up all their best ideas for Season 4, that they might resort to bringing her back, although I still think Meghan's avoiding it at the moment because either a.) She doesn't want to conflict with the comics for those who view them as canon, b.) She views Chrysalis as dead, but doesn't want to admit it to the many Chrysalis fans (as opposed to Sombra who hardly has any), or c.) She's afraid of ruining the character like people think they did with Discord. (although she did make Nightmare Moon more interesting)

Agh! Now I'm wondering whether Chrysalis will return or not! I'll give her this one last chance to return. And the season that ruins her character is the season I FanonDiscontinuity. If you bring her back, destroy her as spectacularly and unambiguously as Sombra! Have the Mane 6 vaporize her with Rainbow Power once they open the box! Do whatever you want with new villains, avoid putting any good new villains in, as long as Chrysalis and Sombra stay dead!

...OK, this isn't about Chrysalis, it's about new villains. Who else here thinks there won't be any more new main villains for the reason I said? I guess I was a little disappointed expecting another Chrysalis/Sombra for Season 4, even though Nightmare Moon, Discord, and the facehuggers made up for it.

Edit, March 8th:

Both The Mane-iac and the chimera in Somepony to Watch Over Me would have made great two-parter villains.

So what's Season 5 going to be about? Season 4 will probably end with Twilight getting her key and the Mane 6 opening the box and getting Rainbow Power, knowing that they can defend Equestria from evil again and keep Discord in line. (perhaps Discord gives Twilight the Twilicane as her key, or else Trixie returns)

Season 5 premier, what's it going to do? Break the tradition of two-parters? Have some sort of cursed object that Discord placed a thousand years ago which chooses this moment to activate it, and the Mane 6 have to just get there and use Rainbow Power to destroy it? Have a return by the Hydra, the Cragodile, the graboid, or an army of some other kind of beast with no leader? Or is there actually going to be another villain? Maybe Twilight is moving into the Everfree Forest castle but the Pony of Shadows comes in, Mane 6 use Rainbow Power to decorrupt him (Starswirl's ghost) of Nightmare Moon's magic? I think that's the best they'll do and I'd be cool with that but I was looking forward to another Chrysalis/Sombra. Demon Sunset Shimmer kinda fit the bill in EG though.

And Season 5 will end at Equestria Games, and by now they'll be out of ideas and the series ends there.

Of course the "slice of life episodes" are good without even needing a villain, but I kind of have high expectations of the two-parters these days