Let's see how much you know about My Little Pony. These might be tough questions, and no cheating off other users' answers. (checking other pages for references is fine)

1. Which character appears in the most episodes?

  • A: Twilight Sparkle
  • B: Rainbow Dash
  • C: Applejack
  • D: Pinkie Pie

2. How many times has Applejack bitten Rainbow Dash's tail?

  • A: 7 times
  • B: 8 times
  • C: 9 times
  • D: 17 times

3. Which episode features the most squees?

  • A: Green Isn't Your Color
  • B: Baby Cakes
  • C: Read It and Weep
  • D: A Canterlot Wedding

4: Who is the first pink pony to blush?

  • A: Pinkie Pie
  • B: Princess Cadance
  • C: Daisy
  • D: Queen Chrysalis

5: Assuming the comics are not set in the same universe as the show, who is the only main villain confirmed to die?

  • A: Queen Chrysalis
  • B: King Sombra
  • C: Lord Tirek
  • D: The Dazzlings

6: Assuming the comics are set in the same universe as the show, or else just going by comic canon, who is the only main villain that is currently deceased?

  • A: Queen Chrysalis
  • B: Nightmare Moon
  • C: Evil Celestia and Evil Luna
  • D: King Sombra

7: Who is the most powerful unicorn? (regardless of whether they are currently dead or transformed into an alicorn)

  • A: Twilight Sparkle
  • B: Starlight Glimmer
  • C: King Sombra
  • D: Trixie

8: Why did Sunset Shimmer stop Rainbow Dash in the middle of Awesome As I Wanna Be?

  • A: In a fit of jealous rage
  • B: She was under the Dazzlings' spell
  • C: She was fed up with Rainbow Dash's arrogance
  • D: Rainbow Dash was about to transform and reveal to the Dazzlings that the Rainbooms possessed Equestrian magic

9: Who is the only major villain whose name is never mentioned in the show?

  • A: Queen Chrysalis
  • B: King Sombra
  • C: Aria Blaze
  • D: Abacus Cinch

10: Which background pony has had no speaking lines?

  • A: Applejack
  • B: Berry Punch
  • C: Minuette
  • D: Derpy Hooves

Do not look at the comments below until you've answered all questions!