I thought rather than make repeated comments on the main page every single time I notice a set of main characters who resemble the Mane 6 one way or another, I'd dedicate an entire blog to it.

If such comments are visible on the main page now, they can be deleted in favor of this blog


Well, I'm sure many of you are familiar with these games:

  • Twilight Sparkle - Tails
  • Rainbow Dash - Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Fluttershy - Cream the Rabbit
  • Applejack - Knuckles the Echidna
  • Pinkie Pie - Amy Rose
  • Rarity - Rouge the Bat

Archie's Weird Mysteries

A TV series based on the Archie comics:

  1. Archie - Applejack?
  2. Betty - Fluttershy
  3. Veronica - Rarity
  4. Jughead - Pinkie Pie
  5. Reggie - Rainbow Dash
  6. Dilton - Twilight Sparkle

Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire is a series of books about five dragons who are out to bring peace between the dragon tribes.

  1. Clay - Applejack
  2. Tsunami - Rainbow Dash
  3. Glory - Rarity
  4. Starflight - Twilight Sparkle
  5. Sunny - Fluttershy

There's none in the five for Pinkie Pie, but Kinkajou is a lot like her

Glitter Force

It doesn't seem to have a lot of popularity, but it's a Netflix-original magical girl anime that was no doubt based off Sailor Moon. (Rascal reminds me so much of Dimentio from the Mario games)

  1. Glitter Lucky - Pinkie Pie (goofball)
  2. Glitter Sunny - Applejack and Rarity (Applejack coz she's athletic, Rarity coz she's funny to a degree)
  3. Glitter Peace - Fluttershy (shy)
  4. Glitter Spring - Rainbow Dash (fast)
  5. Glitter Breeze - Twilight Sparkle (intelligent/nerdy)

Big Five battles

Just for fun, I'll pair them up against the Big Five from Yu-Gi-Oh (who are part of the reason I was able to appreciate villain deaths more because they and Gozaburo are the first villains to truly die in Yu-Gi-Oh, as most deaths are censored with Shadow Realm stuff). These battles are completely made up

  1. Rarity vs. Gansley - Gansley uses Reflector Hold in an attempt to reflect Rarity's attacks back at her, but Rarity uses repeated Tail Whips to sharply lower his defenses and defeats him
  2. Pinkie Pie vs. Crump - The most goofy of the team. Crump tries to freeze Pinkie, but she uses her reality-bending powers and defeats him
  3. Applejack vs. Johnson - Sneaky, dishonest Johnson tries to cheat, but honest Applejack realizes what he's doing, stops him, and bucks the tar out of him
  4. Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy vs. Nesbitt - Fluttershy and Nesbitt being my favorites, Twilight being the closest to Nesbitt (plus Nesbitt faced three opponents at once in the show). Nesbitt engages Twilight in a laser shootout as Super Giga Mecha Nesbitt, but in the end Fluttershy makes an adorable face causing the coldhearted Nesbitt to experience a cuteness overload and explode
  5. Rainbow Dash vs. Lector - The fastest and coolest vs. the best duelist. Lector duels Rainbow Dash and sets his satellite to lock onto Rainbow, but Rainbow dodges the satellite's blast, plows through the satellite with a Sonic Rainboom, blowing it up, then defeats Lector with Rain Nuke

Anyone else have any they might know of?