...I hope I didn't sound too enthusiastic there, as much as I want her dead because a.) She's so dark and sinister I'm not satisfied any other way with villains on her level, and b.) What she did to Twilight at the end of Part 1, I understand many of you love her and want her to return so you'll probably mourn her fall. (Pun intended)

Now, why is Queen Chrysalis dead? You're probably thinking the usual. Fall off a mountain, didn't seem able to use her wings and would have to be faster than Rainbow Dash or have Joker Immunity, etc. Well, not this time. Chrysalis isn't returning in the show. Like Count Geoffrey of Blazing Dragons, she exited the series with a fall. (Let's hope Rarity isn't Princess Flame, with her role diminishing)

Why won't Chrysalis be returning? Because Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Let's review. The Everfree Forest invades Equestria, why? Because the Tree of Harmony is being choked by black vines Discord created 1000 years ago before Celestia and Luna turned him to stone. Somehow, the tree's magic repelled the vines for a thousand years, but then, for no adequately explored reason, it weakened and the vines were able to attack it.

Am I the only one who thinks "Is that the best she could do?" I don't deny the vines were as dangerous and menacing as King Sombra, but easily the highlights of the episodes were the flashbacks showing Discord and especially Nightmare Moon's first defeats. Instead of making the cause of the threat a redeemed villain, through his past actions, why not make it the fan-favorite villain (whose position Chrysalis assumed after Discord's redemption lost him several votes)? And this is Meghan writing it, if any of the writers has the power to bring back Chrysalis it's her. This would have made a more exciting present-day story: Chrysalis damages the Tree of Harmony, which causes the Everfree invasion. Maybe she creates the black vines, maybe they manifest from the Everfree Forest itself, who knows? Chrysalis appears alone (either specifying or leaving us to assume her changelings did not survive the fall), the other Mane 5 fight her but she gets them down with her magic, then Discord appears and fights Chrysalis as a distraction (likely playing around until he becomes angry at Chrysalis for attacking Fluttershy) while Twilight returns the Elements of Harmony to the tree, healing it and destroying Chrysalis.

So why wouldn't Meghan do that? Simple. She views Chrysalis as dead, but wants us to make up our own minds about our favorite villain so none of us are disappointed. I don't know why she wouldn't say this up front, or why she is dodging any questions about Chrysalis (she's only contactable on Twitter and even then isn't on often, Screwball I think might have asked her but she's not saying anything, and Season 2 DVD didn't come with commentary). Until the whole Princess Twilight Sparkle thing, I assumed deep down that she was intending a Chrysalis return. Probably afraid of "ruining the character" like people think Season 3 did with Discord, or else repitition.

Here's another thing to consider: If Chrysalis wasn't killed by her fall, she was erased courtesy of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome. Look it up, it's on TV Tropes. Ever since Chuck Cunningham, of some TV show I can't remember the name of, vanished without explanation and was treated like he never existed, whenever a character gets the same treatment they call it Chuck Cunningham Syndrome. Look at Chrysalis. Aside from a stained glass window of Cadance and Shining Armor using the power of love (which just as easily could symbolize their marriage), and Cadance telling Twilight "One of these days we should get together when the fate of Equestria isn't hanging in the balance", Chrysalis, alone of the first four main villains, is never referenced again following her defeat episode.

  • Nightmare Moon - If Luna's appearances as Luna don't count, there are numerous references to Nightmare Moon in Luna Eclipsed, as well as some reference to her in The Return of Harmony and the manticore scene is mentioned in Dragonshy.
  • Discord - Returns in Season 3 and is redeemed
  • King Sombra - Rainbow Dash says the crystal ponies lost a thousand years "to an evil king's curse"
  • All three are referenced in Princess Twilight Sparkle. Discord shows up in present and flashback, Nightmare Moon is referenced by Celestia and appears in flashback basically stealing the whole two-parter, and Twilight uses King Sombra's dark magic to activate the potion. They referenced Discord, Nightmare Moon, and King Sombra, but no Chrysalis.

So they're treating Chrysalis like she never existed. Sombra's getting more attention than her for pony's sake, and he got even less screentime and lines than Nightmare Moon in her first two episodes!

Now, plenty of you would argue she returns in the comics. While the comics could be adequate for anypony who wants to see a Chrysalis return, whether or not you view them as canon, they're pretty much non-canon now unless you can explain the following contradiction: In the comics, and yes the Chrysalis arc, Fluttershy loves spiders as much as any other creature, saying most spiders are docile, and looking Fluffy the giant spider right in the face. Even after realizing his malicious intentions, when he has her trapped she casually comments on spider trivia. She did run from him, but that was because she knew he'd try to hurt her. She later expressed disappointment that he was so mean. But in the episode Castle Mane-ia, Fluttershy is afraid to travel in the Everfree Forest at this time because it's star spider season. From what we saw of star spiders, they're regular-sized, and seem harmless as they don't attack Twilight or Spike. So any fear of them is basically arachnophobia, right? Comics decided Fluttershy wasn't arachnphobic, show says she is so unless Katie Cook (who hasn't responded to my question about the subject on deviantart) or Andy Price gives an explanation like with the Daring Do thing, that officially makes the comics non-canon.

So, that's it. Chrysalis is dead, unless you view the comics as canon and have an explanation about the Fluttershy/spider thing, or else have your own interpretation or go by somepony else's. I think Meghan wants us to make up our own minds, which is why she hasn't confirmed Chrysalis's death like she did with Sombra. Sombra's got more haters than fans, so anyone who thought him as a lame villain should be thankful he's gone. With Chrysalis, and try to include this in your replies if you can, how would you react if Meghan confirmed she was dead?

To me, her death has essentially been confirmed, between her fall over a mountain and Meghan's refusal to bring her back. Princess Cadance the Knight of Cerebus Slayer. If you want to think Chrysalis survived, either a.) Put in your headcanon that she has Joker Immunity (or is faster than Rainbow Dash and thus can recover from that attack) and is living in exile, in the Badlands, b.) Come up with some explanation for the Fluttershy thing and say the comics are canon, although doing so wouldn't be much better for her seeing where she's left at the end, c.) Write a fanfic of her return and do whatever you want with her while trying to fit in so it can go in your headcanon, or d.) Find a fanfic that you can put in your headcanon.

If you want to see more Chrysalis animated rather than comic, there's the Fluffle Puff videos, except Chrysalis isn't evil in those videos. For those who want her to turn good, this could be the video for you.

Well... that's it for now. And again, how would you react if Meghan confirmed her death like she did with Sombra?

EDIT: Maybe I should make myself a little clearer for what I mean by "dead". She is dead to me, but if any of you want to think differently about her, it's a choice you are free to make. And maybe they didn't intend her KilledOffForReal here, maybe they wanted to leave open a chance for her return which is why they didn't disintegrate her like Sombra. But after they brought back Discord and redeemed him, people were disappointed that "his character was ruined" so they decided not to bring back Chrysalis and do the same with her. She's fan-favorite villain now, although Nightmare Moon might come close after Princess Twilight Sparkle, it did the exact opposite with her what they were afraid of doing with Chrysalis.

Edit: OK there is one last opportunity to bring her back. As the final antagonist crashing the Equestria Games, and the one Twilight and the others must destroy with whatever's inside the mystery box. If they don't bring her back there (and instead use someone like the Shadow Pony or a G4 version of Tirek as the main villain), then I'll return to what I said above.

Edit edit: It's Tirek, but Inspiration Manifestation more than anything basically confirms Chrysalis's fate to me.

One more thing: When I say Chrysalis is dead, it's not because I want to offend Chrysalis fans coz I don't, it's because she's such an evil and malevolent villain that I wouldn't be satisfied any other way with her (contrast Discord who's fun to have around whichever side he's on), which means they did the perfect job and she's still my favorite villain of the series, the only hate I have for her is what she did to Twilight at the end of ACW Part 1. I mean no offense toward Chrysalis fans and if you want her to survive, read five paragraphs above this one.