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So, according to Jim Miller, the leaked episode titles are true, though I also heard they were debunked on Twitter.

There is an episode called "The Times are a Changeling" on there, but it could possibly be Kevin or some other changeling on either side.

However, the two-part final is said to be "The Flurry Heart of the Swarm", and a lot of people think the "swarm" mentioned is the changeling army, and therefore Chrysalis is returning for revenge on Shining Armor and Princess Cadance (and possibly to either brainwash Flurry Heart to destroy her enemies for her, or else absorb the Crystal Heart's energy because that energy represents love).

Obviously it'd have to be set in the Crystal Empire if Flurry Heart is involved. Which means we will have to anticipate what might happen at the end.

I can see two possibilities:

a.) Flurry Heart's full power is reawakened somehow and she unleashes it on Chrysalis before Starlight, the princesses, and Sunburst suppress her power again

b.) The power of the Crystal Heart is used on Chrysalis again.

Either way, Chrysalis is likely to end up like King Sombra.

And if they're worried about it being too family-unfriendly, well first, remember the way they destroyed Sombra, that was perfectly fine, besides, that's what happens when a villain is destroyed by the Crystal Heart. If Flurry Heart, they could either use the effects for Nightmare Moon's banishment, Midnight Sparkle's redemption, or just use Sailor Moon Crystal as a role model (though their disintegrations have been getting much better lately).

If they don't want to kill Chrysalis up front, then maybe they could confirm Rainbow Power to be turned on and off at any time, and have the Mane 6 blast her to Tartarus just like Tirek. Or, they could have a new villain redemption. And... well, that can be covered here.

I'm more open to the possibility of her return than Sombra's because her fate was more ambiguous, but if she does return, I won't take anything other than definite death, the Tirek treatment, or redemption. (of course I do have another possible headcanon to go by but we'll see)

Of course, none of this means anything if the list is actually fake. Did Jim Miller really say this and is he telling the truth?

After The Times They Are A Changeling

Well, now Chrysalis is confirmed to still be alive, I hope she does return.

After how deep this episode was and some of the things they did in the last that I thought wouldn't appear in the show, I think they'd easily be able to get away with Spike stabbing Chrysalis in the heart with his tail, or Celestia with her horn (though it'd probably be one of my two options first if they choose death for Chrysalis which would be tame compared to the zombie scene).

Though her survival has shaken my belief that any villain has ever died in any show, even ones such as Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, Jafar in Aladdin, Joffrey and Ramsay in Game of Thrones, etc.

Though as Thorax plans to teach the other changelings the magic of friendship so they can live peacefully, maybe the changeling army reforms, and Chrysalis is like the "Prince Charming" of the villains in Shrek the Third