The only ability that Thanos's enigmatic and film-original henchman The Other has displayed in The Avengers is super speed, the way he runs over to Loki in response to his comment about him and Thanos not having the tesseract yet. So I get this image in my head of Rainbow Dash and The Other racing. Who is faster? Who would win?

The Other: Lead me to the tesseract, pony!

Rainbow Dash: I'll never betray Princess Celestia! She'd never give the tesseract to the likes of you!

The Other: I challenge you to a race, pony!

Rainbow Dash: The name's Rainbow Dash!

The Other: Rainbow Dash. We shall race through the Running of the Leaves area. If I win, you lead me to the tesseract.

Rainbow Dash: And if I win, you leave Equestria forever!

(Rainbow Dash and The Other race. Dr. Eggman runs ahead of them.)

Eggman: Haha suckers!

(With Rainbow flying and The Other running, they are evenly matched. Until Rainbow Dash flies even faster, running ahead of The Other!)

The Other: No! Stop!

(His metal mask making it difficult to bite, The Other grabs Rainbow's tail and pulls her back, then runs ahead as Dash falls to the ground.)

The Other: I win, Rainbow Dash!

(Rainbow Dash begins to fly even faster with both her hooves forward. The Other, who is only looking beside him occasionally, doesn't notice. Rainbow Dash does the Sonic Rainboom. The rainbow shockwave reaches The Other.)

The Other: Did Myotismon's ghost just die?

(Rainbow Dash races ahead faster than the speed of sound. The rainbow trail goes right by The Other.)

The Other: WHAT?!

(Rainbow Dash reaches the finish line.)

Rainbow Dash: I win!

(The Other reaches the finish line.)

The Other: How could I lose to a pony?!

(Twilight Sparkle flies in.)

Twilight: You make it sound like you hate ponies.

The Other: I did not think such meager creatures could possibly come close to matching our might!

(Twilight turns The Other into a pony. He is a dark blue Earth pony with the same hood and mask over his face, a gray tail, and no cutie mark.)

Rainbow Dash: How come he's a blank flank?

Twilight: He has no identity, he's so much of an enigma people don't even discuss him.

The Other: I object! Some people think I'm Chthon!

Twilight: Are you?

The Other: No comment.

Twilight: Now leave and don't come back!

(The Other races away.)


(Thanos's base)

The Other: Ponies. They were not the cowering wretches we were promised. They stand. They are unruly, and therefore cannot be ruled.

(Thanos stands up.)

The Other: To challenge them is to court death.