This is to be spoiler-free!

Rainbow Rocks is just around the corner. There are conflicting reports of what the fate of Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, and Sonata Dusk will be once they are defeated.

Now, one guy told me how it ends (at my own request). I don't know if he's telling the truth or not, or if he drew the wrong conclusion based off pictures. (like the animatic made us think Luna was jealous of Twilight and became Nightmare Moon again, when it turned out to be a flashback) Although for reasons I can't say without spoiling it, I am inclined to think this guy was right.

So, of all the possible outcomes, tell me. Which would you be cool with, and which would you be disappointed by? And if you got to choose, which would it be?

  • The human ponies disintegrate the Dazzlings into dust
  • The human ponies blast them with Rainbow Power and they end up in cages in Tartarus, like Tirek
  • The human ponies turn them to stone or seal them inside some object such as their necklaces
  • The Dazzlings turn good (one way or another, be it by the evil being blasted out of them or simply having a change of heart)
  • The Dazzlings are sent flying into the distance in a potentially fatal way, like Chrysalis
  • The Dazzlings are overpowered and run off, or are sent flying into the distance (in a definitely non-fatal way unlike Chrysalis), with no redemption or imprisonment
  • The Dazzlings are de-powered and run off, with no redemption or imprisonment

If you know for sure, or draw conclusions based off pictures, what their fate is, do not say it here! This is for last-minute speculation and preferred defeat scenes for those who don't know what happens with them. No spoilers, please.

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