OK are people seriously going to leave the fandom John de Lancie worked so hard to defend, one that transformed many of us for the better, simply because of Twilight gaining a pair of wings? What, are you going to leave if the Cutie Mark Crusaders get their cutie marks?

It's not just that, but Discord and Trixie. How many people wanted them to return? And now you're dissatisfied with their return because they turn good. Were you expecting them to end up like Sombra? Cause if they did, or if Discord was turned back to stone after proving irredeemable, then there'd be complaints that we'd never see them again. Now we can look forward to seeing Discord and Trixie in later episodes. Maybe they can even have Discord team up with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash to pull some pranks on ponies, like Dash did with Philomena, or have him fight the next villain in the rumored movie coming up. And seriously, kill Trixie? I think they reserve death scenes for the beasts and the most evil villains like Sombra and (maybe) Chrysalis.

Now let's talk Chrysalis. What happens to her at the end of Issue 4 of the comic, or if she appears in an episode. If she dies, people will complain because they want to see more of her and she was such a great villain. If she turns good, people will complain even more than when Discord did because she's more dark and malevolent than him and they liked her as a villain. If they do neither, they'll probably be out of ideas for evil plans so her third appearance will be considered lame, and then she'll either die or turn good which will cause the complaints I mentioned earlier. And if she doesn't return, more disappointment. There's just no pleasing some people. (I personally want her killed coz she's so evil, but I still like her as a villain)

They've done changes like this in series before. At the beginning of Season 2 of Beast Wars, after 26 episodes of the same 10 later 14 characters fighting each other, they transformed Optimus, Rattrap, Cheetor, Megatron, and Tarantulas into Transmetals and killed Terrorsaur and Scorponok, not to mention stabilizing all the Energon that forced them to create their beast forms.

Although some of us are staying loyal to the series and remain loving it for what it is, some are just becoming impossible to please at all. We don't even know what Alicorn Twilight (or Twilight Princess lol) is going to be like! Some complain that she'll have to leave her friends, some complain that she'll become a "Mary Sue" (whatever that means). Hasbro says they know what they're doing, and it's been said that Twilight won't have to leave her friends, and she looks like her appearance will be the same except for the wings. Think Princess Cadance!

Although I admit I'll be a bit shaken if they killed Princess Celestia (and enraged if they killed Luna, but I wouldn't leave even if they did that), but maybe it's just Cadance Twilight needs to replace (as she's in the Crystal Empire right now) or maybe Celestia will make her "Twilight Princess" or something, we'll find out.

Although I don't usually do such things, anypony dissatisfied could simply ignore or even FanonDiscontinuity (look it up on TV Tropes) all seasons after Season 2 if you don't like Season 3, and stick with Seasons 1 and 2. And if you can't respect the show for what it is just because it does a few things you don't like (I was quite appalled by one or two scenes myself, and also disappointed with a few like Luna not fighting the changelings, Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash not fighting the teenage dragons, etc. but I'm still here) then maybe you're not the type of person who should be in the fandom.

This is NOT the end of the fandom, it's divided into two halves right now. The bratty ones disappointed with every little thing, Sombra's lack of screentime and dialog, Trixie turning good, Discord turning good, etc., and the ones who still love and respect the show. I guess the one good thing about this is that Twilight becoming an alicorn will purify the fandom, either the bratty ones will change their minds or leave the fandom. But if you do, don't manipulate Hasbro into ruining the show (further, in your opinions) to make the rest of us miserable like those 10 who hated Derpy's fan name being canonized so they lied to Hasbro and tricked them into killing her which was the point in which people started to turn away, if you do something like that you'll be just like them and have become the very source of what you hate!

There, I'm done. I'm already starting to go nuts waiting for Chrysalis's defeat in the comic, and this alicorn episode, but that comment about the fandom ending was the last straw.