Despite only one hard-to-notice instance of one of my favorite MLP elements with two unnameds in one of my least favorite episodes, Season 5 is probably my favorite season and now I can say the complete list for why:

  • Luna enters Apple Bloom's dreams to complete the trilogy
  • Rainbow Dash gets her own song for the first time. (not counting her human counterpart)
  • Twilight saying "Winter is coming" as a clear reference to Game of Thrones, which is the single most mature show I've seen and is definite proof they aren't just intending it for the kids anymore because they're counting on some huge portion of the audience getting the reference
  • An episode that revolves around Discord, where we even see his home dimension which is pretty cool.
  • Gilda's redemption
  • An unambiguous instance of a villain falling to his death that even Team Sombra Survived can't deny
  • An episode focusing on background ponies and full of stuff thrown in for the fans, including the return of Steven Magnet, giving some character to the ponies such as Doctor Whooves and Octavia, having some huge center around Derpy, and canonizing both the names Bon Bon and Sweetie Drops, which are equally popular. And an appearance by a friendly changeling
  • Going back to Moondancer, both referencing the party Twilight turned down in the pilot episode, and even showing the scene in flashback, as well as giving Moondancer an onscreen appearance for the first time. With Starlight Glimmer hiding in the background
  • Pinkie Pie flying in a similar style to Tails (from Sonic), who is one of my favorite fox characters
  • A Luna episode full of stuff thrown in for the fans, including Rainbow Dash dreaming of fighting changelings, the return of Flutterbat, many bizarre things in the dream world, and an epic battle
  • Three Rarity episodes in a row. (which some people here didn't like but I say it's notable because she didn't get any episodes in Season 3 so they're really making up for it here even if two of them are shared with other ponies and I didn't care too much for the third)
  • One of which was a long-awaited Rainbow Dash and Rarity episode, as the closest those two have come to being paired together was Sonic Rainboom, whom most can agree is just a Rainbow Dash episode. This one's a noir style too which was pretty cool even though the identity of the culprit was predictable
  • Diamond Tiara's redemption. And technically permanent redemption for Silver Spoon as well
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders getting their cutie marks, which is the single most powerful and long-awaited moment in the show and they did the whole thing right too by not spoiling it in any way before the episode came on. (good thing the CMC were in costume in Scare Master!)
  • Shining Armor and Princess Cadance are having a baby (which I think will be the Season 6 premier, and it'll be interesting to see what Princess Skyla is like or whether it's even her)
  • An episode with a great deal of actual funniness from Pinkie Pie which was sometimes lacking in Seasons 3 and 4, particularly in Wonderbolts Academy and Filli Vanilli
  • Pinkie Pie blushing for what I think is the first time in the series (I only recently realized how adorable that is yet I'm the only one who seems to have noticed this with her)
  • An episode centering on the Pie Family and giving them character, even if I didn't think too much of it I have to give it points for that, plus being somewhat the reverse of Pinkie Apple Pie
  • Canonizing Harry's name, if Fluttershy's Hot Minute didn't count
  • A pony dressing as Jason Voorhees for Nightmare Night, proving this show does reference Friday the 13th (even if Rarity Takes Manehattan wasn't a reference to Jason Takes Manhattan)
  • The second best two-parter in my opinion (after Twilight's Kingdom) which features long-awaited returns by both Sombra and Chrysalis in alternate timelines where they are in power, as well as a kinda cool atmosphere for Nightmare Moon's castle, giving us an idea of what Equestria would be like under them, with epic battles and World War II references, and hay, all six main villains of the show (excluding the Equestria Girls ones) appear in the same two-parter, even though we only see Tirek and Discord for a few seconds.
  • And ending with Starlight's redemption and possibly becoming a main character which opens up many new possibilities for Season 6 (she'll probably have a lot of character development to go through)

To think I almost gave up on this season because I was disappointed with the premier, and now I know not only was it better than I gave it credit for, but there was a deeper reason behind Starlight running off, which also made it possible to see Chrysalis and Sombra again without saying they definitely survived

Even though it did have its share of dull episodes, like Princess Spike, and almost changed the way I look at Discord, but nothing that made me want to FanonDiscontinuity the season because the good outweighs the bad.

On that note, here's a poll, though I already know which one is going to win:

Which Season 5 event were you waiting for the most, or was most satisfying?

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