I know Season 5 isn't even finished yet and Season 6 is months away (hopefully not a year away to keep up the pattern that really needs to be broken) but a certain blog has raised an interesting point.

Will Season 6 be the point in which the show gets stale (as Spongebob, Pokemon, and many others have after going on for too long) or will it be as good as the other seasons?

Like, I thought Season 4 was when they were running out of ideas with the whole Plunderseed thing, but it was the best season yet and had the best episode of the series with the whole Tirek thing.

Again, the Season 5 premier disappointed me, with Starlight nowhere near as dark and menacing as other villains in the series and just running off, but she will eventually redeem herself in more than one way. I nearly gave up on Season 5, but was convinced not to give it up, and this season has done many impressive things:

  • Completing the "Luna enters CMC's dreams" trilogy
  • Rainbow Dash song (for the pony, as the human has already gotten her own song)
  • Episode that revolves around Discord
  • Smooze rebooted, but not as a villain
  • Gilda's redemption
  • An unambiguous death that even Team Sombra Survived can't deny, as we see Arimaspi's skull
  • An episode focusing on background ponies with lots of stuff thrown in for the fans and even an appearance by a good changeling
  • Of particular note canonizing both the names Bon Bon and Sweetie Drops
  • Going back to the whole thing with Moondancer from the first episode
  • Another Luna episode, also with many things thrown in for the fans, and again, changeling appearances, this time in Rainbow Dash's favorite dream
  • A Rarity and Rainbow Dash episode, noir style
  • Diamond Tiara's redemption
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders get their cutie marks
  • Princess Cadance is having a baby
  • Canonizing Harry's name (if the Hot Minute didn't count)
  • If I'm right, a temporary altered timeline where Chrysalis and Sombra return, thus bringing them back in the show without having to say they're still alive

Though some people have thought the show is getting stale after Scare Master. Although Discord is still popular, What About Discord is not. And everything Season 5 did came at the price of one of my favorite elements of the show (which I do not need to say here), which was common in Seasons 1 and 2, rare in Seasons 3 and 4, and, as of 23 episodes, altogether absent from Season 5.

And of course, the last Season 4 episode before Tirek, Equestria Games, disappointed me as they'd been building up to it for so long but when they finally got to the Equestria Games it was just a regular Spike episode, even though it was the only episode that my three favorite characters (Rainbow Dash, Luna, and Gustave) appeared in.

Have they used up all their ideas in Season 5 or will they still have it in Season 6?

If I don't like any of the first 13 episodes of Season 6, I'll give up the season and say The Cutie Remark is season finale, though it will be interesting if Starlight Glimmer actually joins the Mane 6 and of course it's way too early to judge a season before it comes out (I mean, look at Equestria Girls) and I will give it a chance unless the timeline is not restored, and I know it will be because Twilight spoke of the time travel in Friendship Games, and nothing has changed with Sunset Shimmer and the Humane 5 as they are having a picnic together.

Will Season 6 be as good as the other seasons?

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