So, Season 7 is confirmed for spring.

Do you think it'll be as good as previous seasons?

Though some might argue they're running out of ideas (hence the Chrysalis return at the end of Season 6), I think it has a lot of potential and hope that doesn't get thrown away:

  • The Celestia episode we've all been waiting for
  • More episodes featuring Ember and Thorax as new leaders of dragons and changelings, who are the ponies' allies now
  • The obligatory Discord episode, and most of us can say Discord episodes have improved since Season 5
  • More Fluttershy episodes, since she hasn't really had her season to shine yet as the other Mane 5 have (don't need to go into detail on that again). When it comes to "favorite Fluttershy episodes" there's really not that many to choose from, top two for me would easily be Hurricane Fluttershy and Filli Vanilli, third being Dragonshy for being so early into me getting into the series
  • The next Chrysalis episode which will hopefully have a thrilling conclusion to it

There is also the matter of what role Starlight will play (now she's saved Equestria once and such), but she's not really that popular compared to Sunset Shimmer, and there's next to no chance she'll be one of the Mane 6 since most have been opposed to the idea of that

So, what do you think? Do you have high or low expectations, and what are you hoping for?

I'm certainly not ready to denounce it as the point where it gets Spongebobbed, for the reasons I said above