I know I've done this before, but that was when all I'd talk about was villain death, tails, predictions, and patterns. Which I have tried to talk about in moderation now but still I think I've just been annoying everyone with all my comments and I think everyone here would be happier if I was gone. I think everyone here sees me as an illogical and immature moron.

The fandom isn't what it used to be. Some people left the fandom because of Alicorn Twilight, and the ones that stayed are more critical and demanding of the episodes. When I first got on here I was under the spell of MLP's positive energy, but that positive energy is gone and I'm just as depressed and paranoid as I was before then. Also Hasbro doesn't like us anymore because they did the human pony thing for us, and most of the fandom, instead of appreciating this, called them names and said "They're trying to get rid of the fandom!" It's all slowly falling apart and I bet MLP will end after Season 5, if things don't get so bad that it gets cancelled before then. I won't stop watching MLP (if a season does something I don't like I'll just FanonDiscontinuity the season and say the final of the season before it is season finale for me), and neither will my friend Screwball (who has connections to the writers and gets to hang out with some of the voice actors) but I think both it and its fandom will fall. It all started when Alicorn Twilight was announced, though things were already shaky when people were disappointed by The Crystal Empire (which I thought was good) due to its "lame villain".

So I will ask you again:

How would you feel if I left? (Take 2)

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