(Warning: Contains spoilers for Cutie Markless)

(I know many of you disagree about Chrysalis and Sombra but this is not the subject of this blog and you can think whatever you want about them)

First five are either killed or reformed, next is imprisoned but is unlikely to escape again, the next don't get any of the above three but lose all their power and their ability to sing (which might be why they're so popular). So, next villain? Didn't even bother with de-powering this time and had her run off a karma houdini. Even Sombambula lost all her power in G1 before she ran off, the Gizmonks surrendered, and Beezen was being chased off by his wand which presumably zaps him out of existence. As far as Friendship is Magic goes, Starlight Glimmer is the only villain whose threat isn't ended. She didn't get any of the four that would.

Now you probably all know how I feel about this, and I might not even watch the rest of Season 5 because of it... but this blog is about the way you all feel about it.

Is this what you wanted? A villain that doesn't get reformed, imprisoned, de-powered, or killed? A recurring villain just like Eggman? (I shouldn't even compare the two - Eggman was there from the beginning and has always been, and always will be, a part of the Sonic games, to the point that they stopped pretending to kill him off, and is just fun to have around whether he's the main villain of a game or not, while Starlight Glimmer is the eighth villain and came in Episode 92.

(Now I'm not sure where Ludo in Star vs. the Forces of Evil stands in terms of that but if we ever get a season finale we'll find that out. I'd like to think he transforms then Star blasts him to oblivion but we're past that age now, and I think that guy who claimed to have seen a screening for Resurrection F is making stuff up coz there is no way they're re-killing Frieza since Akira "I forgot Saiyans had tails" Toriyama brought him back to pander to those disappointed with his death. Sure, Star Trek brought back Khan for Wrath of Khan only to kill him at the end, but he wasn't dead at the end of Space Seed like Frieza was, that was the age when shows actually killed off their villains, and his death was widely overshadowed by Spock's, to which people rightly suspected and hoped for his (Spock's) revival)

But this isn't about that awesome show that might have taken MLP's place in my heart. This is about how you feel about Starlight Glimmer.

How did you feel about Starlight Glimmer and her "defeat"?

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