I can't take all these negative vibes anymore. They've been going around faster than Rainbow Dash since Twilight became an alicorn. The more I hear complaints, the more I believe them myself.

I used to be a major pessimist before watching this show, I'd always focus on the negative. MLP helped me focus more on the positive, but now it's starting to lose its power because of all the people who are raging over every little thing.

Alicorn Twilight. A main character undergoes a positive transformation. Instead of being happy for her, people are raging and saying that Hasbro is trying to get rid of us, and by introducing another princess are reverting back to G3's style (Hello? Six princesses killed a villain in G1, and G4's third princess's first appearances were accompanied by epic episodes and dark villains). I'm not trying to put any hate on those who hate Alicorn Twilight, but people are leaving the fandom because of it.

Equestria Girls. I admit I am a bit disappointed we're not getting a full length movie about ponies in Equestria with a villain on Chrysalis and Sombra's level and to die in the end, but I'm not going to judge it before it comes out. A lot of people further take this as a sign that Hasbro is trying to get rid of us, that they're doing the opposite of what we want them to do. I tried to tell myself and others they were doing what they thought we wanted them to, but deep down I felt the same way, I just didn't want to believe it cause they initially seemed nicer to the fans than other companies, and because I'm friends with someone who has connections to the shows' creators. Now I recently heard that Hasbro only did Equestria Girls to compete with a rival company. I said that's not the same as trying to get rid of fans, but people maintain it's a cheap trick to make money (when they could have made millions more by doing something to appeal to the greater fraction of the audience) and that they care more about the younger viewers. Although this movie is destined to fail, not because it'll be horrible but because people judge it and don't want to give it a chance, so there's the hope that they'll learn their lesson there. But I can't shake the feeling, maybe they are trying to get rid of us.

People are saying between Alicorn Twilight and Equestria Girls, with a bit of help from Discord turning good, that this is the end of the fandom, or the show itself. I know there are still many people here, but what if the movie turns out to be a train wreck? What if Season 4 is no more impressive than Season 3? What if Twilight becomes the only main character and Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie's roles diminish as much as Rarity? What if Luna gets written out as people say she will because little girls disliked her for not being pink? (I heard that was an April Fools joke, but what if it wasn't?) What if Equestria Girls gets its own TV series that overshadows MLP?

The fact of the matter is, I don't think Hasbro is capable of pleasing the majority of the fans without Lauren Faust to help them. Some of the less critical still found appeal in the Season 3 episodes, I liked most of the episodes especially that they killed King Sombra and we can look forward to seeing more Discord, and want to see more of our Twilight Princess (and that they made that kind of joke possible for her), but a lot of people felt Season 3 deviated a little too much from her style and lost interest.

Including Lauren Faust herself, she's another significant source of my negative vibes. She made My Little Pony what it was. She took a show with a reputation for little girls for two generations, overshadowing its first generation, and turned it into something even better than G1, something much more popular that changed people's outlook for the better and represents everything about friendship. And helped John de Lancie do a documentary to try to make the world aware of and respect the fandom so it could have the same spot in the world as Star Trek and anime. But now, she doesn't like the show anymore and won't even watch it because Hasbro wasn't able to do it the way she had it in her head. Of particular note Discord's redemption, because she is against villains turning good (Nightmare Moon doesn't count because Lauren said she was the embodiment of Nightmare Moon's jealousy so she pretty much died when Luna was restored). I personally had nothing against that (though it would be a different matter if it were Chrysalis or Sombra) but I kinda feel like I'm a bad person for liking that when she didn't. And I think the reason they weren't able to follow her exact style is because she wasn't there to show them, they can't do it right without her. Considering they initially intended G4 to be like G3, I'd like to think they did a pretty good job at keeping it an all-audiences show (as opposed to a little girl show) but Lauren seems to feel that it's going back to the tropes she's been trying to avoid. It disheartens me that she now hates such an awesome show that she created and helped to defend.

So, I don't think Season 4 will impress anypony who wasn't impressed with Season 3. I don't think Season 4 will come anywhere close to Season 2. People mention a "G3.5". I bet Seasons 3 and 4 will be known as "G4.5, the disappointing section of Friendship is Magic". I think they'll take the inevitable dark ending of the comics as an alternate sequel to Season 3, which brings me to how I'm starting to regain my old pessimism.

Although the comics have been non-canon to me since Chrysalis survived her fight with Twilight, I still take an interest in them, but I have a powerful feeling - that I only get when having premonitions of the future (no, not in a supernatural sense) - that Nightmare Rarity and Larry will win. Look at it - Rarity's possessed by Nightmare Moon so no Elements of Harmony, the other five are trapped in the dungeon and the key is lost, and what I thought was some powerful magic powered by their friendship (as depicted in the Issue 8 preview) turned out to only be some kind of light show rather than magic (I thought it'd release them from their cells, then enable them to get Rarity back, but it didn't really seem to do anything), so I can't see any way that Nightmare Rarity and Larry can possibly lose, even if the Mane 6 get out. Spike tried to get through to Rarity twice, but she resisted his first attempt and was impervious to the second even when he said "I love you". And the guy who posted the preview? He said he had a powerful feeling that the bad guys would win too.

And Rarity. Rarity... It's not bad enough that she's going to be possessed forever in the comics' continuity, but she hadn't gotten an episode of her own in Season 3. As a matter of fact, though Season 2 was much nicer to her the last Rarity episode was Episode 35, Sweet and Elite, and her last shining moment (not shared with other Mane 6) came in the following episode, Secret of My Excess. Sometimes I even think that she has less screentime in Season 3 than King Sombra! Am I losing my mind by even thinking this? It gets worse. We were promised a Rarity episode in Season 4, but now I'm actually suspecting that they're going to kill her off in Season 4! If not a full death scene, just a disappearance like Derpy ALMOST got, to be written out of the story forever, since her role seems to be diminishing.

Can somepony PLEASE give me some positive vibes now to prove wrong all the negative theories that I or others have come up with? (I know the Hasbro catfighting with their rivals is probably true but what of the others?) I really need someone to sort of recharge the positive energy this show has sent into me, I'm even rewatching all the episodes now (on Swarm of the Century atm) but it's still not doing anything. Say Rarity will have a bigger role in Season 4, that Season 4 will be as good as Season 2 or better, that this isn't the end of the fandom, that it can still redeem itself in Lauren Faust's eyes, that Hasbro isn't trying to get rid of us, that Nightmare Rarity and Larry will be defeated in the comics, etc. Before I completely become convinced of everything the ragers are saying and leave the fandom forever