I've made many comments on her page but I'm afraid of flooding the comments section so I'll direct all my comments about it over here. Contains spoilers for A Canterlot Wedding, of course.

Queen Chrysalis. My most favorite villain of the show, meaning no offense to Discord. Screwball even got me a T shirt for my birthday that says "Chrysalis: Best villain". She's our first Knight of Cerberus (which means, dark villain who appears in something with a lighter storyline and makes it darker) and her episodes are Disney quality, my most favorite episode being A Canterlot Wedding Part 2.

Now, on to the real subject of this blog post. The last we see of Chrysalis in the show, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance unleash an energy explosion powered by their love that sends the Queen of the Changelings and her army flying over the edge of Canterlot, blasting off Team Rocket style. Although she's my favorite villain, she's also so dark, evil, sinister, and malevolent, and there's usually only one fate I'm satisfied with for villains like that. Though I don't mind some villains turning good (like Discord). Besides, I still feel a bit of animosity toward Chrysalis for causing Twilight's friends (whose friendship was powerful enough to defeat the previous two enemies), mentor (who only got angry at her once before, for causing mass chaos), and brother (who was her BBBFF and never once had a single fight with her) to turn against her of their own accord. So, I have a bit of a love/hate thing for her, like people have with Trixie or the Flim Flam brothers.

Anyway, time to get to the point. I wanted to think Chrysalis fell to her doom there, and when I think about it hard enough, it seems most likely she did. Canterlot is extremely high up the mountain, so Chrysalis would have fallen a greater distance than the combined distance of two falls which would have killed Twilight. First, in the second episode, when Nightmare Moon sends her falling, Applejack tells her to let go and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy catch her in midair. Second, in Feeling Pinkie Keen, when she takes a leap of faith and would have been killed from the fall into shallow water if that bubble hadn't appeared to bounce her up to the other side. So anypony who falls over the edge of Canterlot wouldn't have a chance.

Yes, but Chrysalis has wings, so all she has to do is straighten out and fly away, yes? Good point. But the force of the attack was probably too powerful for her to recover. If it can blast her across the country like that, and it seems to have affected her more than she affected Celestia in their duel. That also seems to have way more force than what Applejack did to Rainbow Dash in Applebuck Season, launching her into the air when she wasn't ready, and she never recovered from that, crashing into Twilight's balcony. And this is the fastest pegasus in Equestria, who recovered from the dizzy dial in 6 seconds in Wonderbolts Academy. So to recover from that attack with her wings, Chrysalis would have to be faster than Rainbow Dash. And that's assuming she wasn't too weakened from the attack.

Now, the way she blasts off is similar to Team Rocket, and they always survive no matter how far they fall, even when they think it'll kill them. There was a time James fell into a gorge with a boulder on top of him. And in his next scene he doesn't even have a scratch on him, while a very similar fall killed our first ever Disney animated villain! Not that she would have survived without the boulder, overkill. Which is to say, Chrysalis could only survive with Team Rocket immunity (Some might call it Joker Immunity, since the animated series Joker has that). The comics (which we choose whether to view as canon but many people don't) depict just that, landing face first and getting back up as if she had just fallen from a roof of a nearby building. I like the comics but for now I'll consider them non-canon in my headcanon.

Does she have Team Rocket immunity or will she return? Well, I recently heard that the only reason people were so inclined to think that Chrysalis survived was because they loved her and didn't want to consider the possibility that she was dead. They love her way too much to condemn her, and wanted her to return. That's probably also why people said King Sombra can regenerate from his horn and survived his defeat in The Crystal Empire, until Meghan McCarthy confirmed his death (and even then, some people, not naming any names here, are willing to FanonDiscontinuity that). I respect other people's opinions but here's my theory:

That they intended to kill off Chrysalis that way, and sent her blasting off instead of disintegrating her like Wiseman and Lamia from Sailor Moon R and Stardust (both are defeated by an exploding energy wave, the former directly used by two characters, the latter used by one with her love for another) for one of two reasons:

  1. This episode is Disney quality, and she was inspired in part by two Disney villains, so they wanted to give her a DisneyVillainDeath, which is slang for characters falling to their death, as many Disney villains do like the evil queen, Gaston, and Professor Ratigan. Showing her falling off Canterlot from the force of an attack powerful enough to prevent use of her wings can be tricky, so they decided to combine it with a Pokemon reference of her blasting off like Team Rocket. Of course, the Disney villains that inspired her, Maleficent and Ursula, don't fall to their death, but get stabbed in the heart by the prince. Well, Maleficent does fall off a cliff after the deathblow is struck.
  2. They wanted to kill her off in a subtle way that only someone paying enough close attention (which younger viewers could never do) would understand. Probably didn't know how an actual death would be received in an all-audiences show that Hasbro initially thought would be for little girls. Sure, they burned the Windigoes to death in an earlier episode but those were beasts rather than characters. By the time King Sombra finally came along, they'd probably considered how many villains die in Disney movies, that they killed Tirek in the first ever My Little Pony movie for G1 (albeit in a more family-friendly way than Sombra) and that killing dark villains like him wouldn't be too dark in itself.

If the creators intended Chrysalis to be dead, subtle or not, then why did the comics bring her back and depict her surviving with Team Rocket immunity? Simple. The writers of the comics like to do fanservice (like that scene with Derpy), and they know how much we wanted to see Chrysalis again, not to mention her return would make many want to buy them. Besides, it's IDW doing the comics, and those guys love to retcon villain deaths. Like that Beast Wars comic that depicts Terrorsaur and Scorponok alive after their fall into the lava. I go by most IDW comics as non-canon, but the MLP comics only I'll take as "parallel universes", one where the comics take place and one where they don't, and I'll simply go by the one where they don't. Not counting Serenity comic as it was written by Joss Whedon, plus it kills the Hands of Blue (how often does Joss Whedon kill a major antagonist? Usually he targets characters we love like Wash and Coulson). Sure, depicts Lawrence Dobson surviving the first episode but Mal finishes him off for good too. OK, I'm getting off topic here. The only reason I even considered taking the comics as canon at first was so she could get a more final defeat, for the reasons I listed above. Extremely dark and malevolent and what she did to Twilight, dissatisfied with any other kind of defeat for her.

I might ask one of the creators whether she will return, but if I do and they respond, they'll probably make me promise not to tell, even if it's "she won't return". Still, May 14th is the release date of the Season 2 DVD box set, and it's more than likely A Canterlot Wedding will get a DVD commentary, maybe they'll address it there. Part of me wants them to say up front that she fell to her death (and my headcanon will always go that she did unless she returns), but I think what I really want them to say is that we can make up our own minds on what happened to her after the fall, whether she's dead, permanently banished, the comics are canon, or come up with their own story in a fanfic. That way people who want her to survive won't be disappointed, and people who want to take the comics as canon (like Screwball) can.

You speculate way too much, dude. Well, when you've waited as long as I have for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, it's hard not to, and I don't like unknowns.

And no, I don't think Chrysalis is Luna.