Here we go. I'm pretty sure I covered everything in detail in my first blog, so I'll just cover the basics:

Shining Armor and Princess Cadance sent Queen Chrysalis flying over the edge of Canterlot, basically over the edge of a mountain. Seemed unable to use her wings, and the fall is greater than falls which have threatened to kill Twilight, possibly even greater than the fall that nearly killed Spike and Rarity in Secret of My Excess. I want her to be dead because a.) She's so evil and creepy and I wouldn't be satisfied any other way, even though she's my favorite villain to this day, and b.) What she did to Twilight at the end of Part 1.

Comics depict her alive, inexplicably surviving her fall on-screen, so your answer in the following poll depends on whether you take them as canon or not.

But the reason the comics brought her back was because so many people liked Chrysalis so much they refused to consider that possibility for her. Maybe the reason most movies except Captain America: The Winter Soldier aren't going for the old "kill the main villain" cliche anymore (though it never gets old for me), including the latest two-parter, which brings me to my next point.

Tirek. Aside from not having his own villain song like Chrysalis does, I think it's safe to say that Tirek outshined Chrysalis in every way. He is as dark as her and quite menacing, and Twilight's fight with Tirek is 10 times more epic than Celestia vs. Chrysalis, the Mane 6 vs. changelings, Spike and Cadance vs. Sombra, Twilight vs. Demon Sunset Shimmer, and Celestia vs. Nightmare Moon put together. Also Tirek has some value being a revamped version of the very first G1 villain who was just as dark.

Yet in spite of Tirek being more popular than Chrysalis, according to polls, most fans would have preferred to see him killed rather than reimprisoned in Tartarus. Is this what happens when you get a dark villain who stays evil and stays breathing? Is there something more to Chrysalis that gives her survival value over Tirek? Or did all the "I want my villains to stay evil and stay breathing" people leave because of Alicorn Twilight?

Anyway, here's a poll:

In light of the whole Tirek thing, what do you want to believe about Chrysalis?

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Who would you rather see make a return?

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This next one is only for those who take the comics as non-canon.

Would you have preferred that their positions were swapped, that Tirek had died and Chrysalis had lived?

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