Just so I'm not flooding the articles' comments section every time I change my mind on something, which I seem to be doing a lot lately, this will be the blog to post comments on when I do, so that only those who are interested can read them.

At the time I wrote this:

The Movie - Will read the book and see what happens. If it doesn't sound like it'll be fun or satisfying, I won't see it in theaters. MIGHT give it a chance once it's on Netflix, just to be sure.

Season 7 - I'll probably see it through to the end. The idea that it MIGHT not be a two-part finale so it can end on November 11th means that my greatest fear for the series might not come true. Probably just a one-part involving Starlight.

Queen Chrysalis - Based on the above-mentioned finale thing, highly unlikely she returns in Season 7. So, I'll stick to my headcanon of her, depicted in my fanfic.

Season 8 - My plans have not changed there - will not see it since Season 7 has declined in quality and Season 8 likely won't be any better.

(Note: I was going to make a "back and forth" joke, but there isn't a picture on here of Rarity whipping her tail back and forth, coz Season 1 episode gallery is missing several pictures including SOME critical ones, one of which is of the event that started a meme that was referenced in the Chipmunk movie)