First, this isn't a stab at anyone here or meant to be offensive in any way and I just want to know for sure what's going on

Basically the one who introduced me to the fandom, who is friends with some of the crew, is now saying that the fandom isn't what it used to be because they're judging every episode and thing now, and when they complain about the redemptions (which I have heard a lot of) it's like they're missing the point of the show, which is about friendship, so we should expect redemption from all but the most evil antagonists (like Chrysalis, Sombra, and Tirek, though Sombra was less evil in the comics so I expected redemption for him there), and basically the fandom has lost sight of what it and the show stands for and such and have turned into jerks

But here it doesn't seem that way. Of course there's still hate for characters or specific episodes, but in most cases this just seems to be a regular matter of opinion, even if some of the characters or episodes are judged a little too harshly. As for the redemptions, that could be attributed to it being too repetitive (and in some cases feeling rushed) because they've been doing it a lot lately. Furthermore, he says he still likes the show but doesn't consider himself "part of the fandom" anymore, if that makes any sense.

So, has the fandom, or at least the majority of it, turned into something else than what it used to be, or has he just been hearing too much of the negativity and complaints to give him that impression and most of the fandom that remains is still as good as ever?